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Tips for quilting with unique MeadowLyon patterns by Angela (the Quilter)

I welcome your own ideas, and will post them here. You may want to print these up and keep them handy, until you get the hang of working with these patterns.

Lining Up MeadowLyon Patterns on Intelliquilter

I do not have IQ so I can’t tell you in Intelliquilter terms, but Linda Lawson has a video about lining up my Pictogram Patterns and you will find some excellent tips in that video. You can see it on Longarm Chat. Click on the title to read some  “nitty gritty” information that may […]


PICTOGRAM ALIGNMENT as printed on paper rolls Aligning MeadowLyon Pictograms: Congratulations!  You’ve purchased a “Pictogram” – MeadowLyon’s unique 12 ft. non-repeating roll.  You’ll have lots of pictorial material from which to choose.  Its four panels can be arranged to create a scene, of sorts, on a wall hanging or small quilt.  Also, extended rows can […]


1.  EDGE TO EDGE PANTOGRAPH ALIGNMENT as printed on paper rolls Aligning MeadowLyon Patterns: This MeadowLyon continuous-line pattern can be repeated above or below itself to cover a quilt with Edge-to-Edge quilting.  We recommend starting alternate rows in a different spot and on many patterns have indicated the place we recommend on the bottom edge […]

Tips for setting up a Floral Wholecloth Quilt…

…using Wedding Bell Swag, Floral Medallion, Rosebud Striped border. etc.  I’ve posted a Floral Wholecloth Layout with many of the floral patterns.  Reading through the following  directions (although specific for the three listed) will be helpful in planning your individualized quilt layout. The following instructions come with the Floral Medallion pattern but they may be […]

Tips for Using MeadowLyon Block Designs

If you are transferring the designs to stitch on a home sewing machine or to embroider by hand you may find these methods helpful: CENTERING – MeadowLyon Block Patterns have  “centering lines”  for easy placement.    I think the easiest way to find the center of a square is to draw lines with a disappearing marker […]

A 4-Panel Wall-Hanging

These instructions are for the 4 cut-up panels, put into a wall-hanging. I would suggest using a light colored fabric with as dark a thread as possible. Cutting: The pattern covers 36″ x 44″, so I cut the center area 37″ x 45″, and I use a 1/4″ seam allowance. I cut the borders 4 […]