Big Campout Set #8

($68.00 value)

Remember those fun camping vacations?  I mean the really fun ones when the bear got into the food, you caught the biggest fish ever, and your dog chased a skunk.  All those memories can become part of your quilt with these great patterns.

This set includes:  Backwoods 11” pictogram and Campout 11” pictogram, Fish Tales 3.5” w/ Fish Bait, Ponderosa Pinecone border 4.5”.


Backwoods Moose Set #5

$40.00 at 20% OFF.  ($50.00 value)

One of our most popular sets, this grouping will make any nature-lover happy.

It includes:  Backwoods Moose QuiltBackwoods 11” Pictogram,  Ponderosa Pinecone 4.5” border.  Although I didn’t quilt the border with the little Pinecone, but I think it would be a very useful pattern in this set if you wanted to add another border, etc.


Backwoods 11″ Pictogram

This pattern is 11″ wide & 12′ long with no repeats.

The distinctive feature of a Pictogram is that it’s a pantograph with NO repeats.  It’s a complete 12′ roll comprised of 4 panels of 3′ each, all “hooked” together. I’ve added a dotted line at each 36″ section. While they can be stacked up as shown in the picture, they can also be quilted like an E2E or B2B giving lots of pictorial subject matter to your quilt.

To avoid placing an animal or image on top of itself all the way down the quilt I recommend starting at a different 36″ division for each “pass.” After starting, continue quilting through as many sections as needed for that row. You won’t have to stop – the line is continuous. For a full sized quilt I might make 7-8 rows, starting at various sections of the panto.

“Backwoods” includes the following designs:  Horned Owl, Bobcat, Bighorn Sheep, Elk, Elk Buck, Wolf, Moose (2), Black Bear & cub, Grizzly Bear, Mink, Mountain Lion (Cougar), Mule Deer and Fawn, Fleeing White Tail, White-Tailed Deer & Doe, Pine Trees, Quaking Aspen, Spruce, and Wild Raspberries

Jodi Damman has shared pictures of some quilts she has made with this pattern.

If you want to save 20% on this pattern, you may purchase it as part of the Backwoods Pine Set or Backwoods Moose Set.

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Decorate for the Holidays with MeadowLyon

Panto Sets under our tree

How do you decorate for the Holidays?  Do you have a Christmas Quilt in the master bedroom?  Is your family room festooned with strings of apples and garlands of holly?
Or perhaps you’ll be skiing for the Holidays at your mountain cabin decorated with homespun plaid and flannelette quilts?  If so you might want to snuggle-up with a cozy throw in front of the fireplace or display a quilt proudly over the railing on the balcony.
Enjoy these super savings as you plan your beautiful rooms.

GET $2.00 off  Singles and $5.00 off Sets

(Wow! sets already priced at 20% off) 

Through Dec. 15th!

Thanksgiving Ideas

Thanksgiving Table Topper Pictogram 20% off.thanksgiving layout

FREE PDF quilt pattern thanksgiving topper qult blurry at topFREE PDF ICE CANDLE Fall leaves ice candleChristmas Greenery Ice Candle



Nativity Set #30 Nativity Quilt by Judy Lyon and Mildred Jordtjoyful birth new Joyful Birth new panel 2

includes: Joyful Birth 11″, Camel Train & Palm Trees camel train cropped snippet Palm Trees - Border

FREE Joyful Birth PDF BlocksA Christmas Gift to you!joyful birth new color cover



Snowbird Set #36  snowbirds snippet snowbirds borders cropped short Ponderosa Pinecone - single ponderosa pine spray snippet 15

includes: Snowbirds, Snowbird Bdr, Pinecone Bdr 4.5″ & Pine Spray 9″                                                                                     

Backwoods Moose Quilt Set #5Moose - Quiltbackwoods stacked scannedPonderosa Pinecone - single

includes: Backwoods Moose Quilt, Backwoods Pictogram & Ponderosa Pinecone 4.5″   

Backwoods Pine Set #6"Backwoods Pine Quilt" by Judy Lyon quilted by Pat Brownbackwoods stacked scannedPonderosa Pinecone - singleFish Tales Border

includes:Pine quilt, Backwoods 11″, Fish Tales, Pinecone Bdr.

Rustic Christmas Set #48 RUSTIC SANTA ON PLAID Rustic Grapevine Swag Potpourri cropped snippet

includes: Rustic Santas, Rustic Grapevine Swag & Potpourri                                                                                                  


Holiday Fun Set #21 silly snowmen carolers holly express Toyland - TLB - Cover

includes: Silly Snowmen, Holly Express Train 9″ (or specify 4.5″), Santa’s Flight & Toyland Blocks                                          

Christmas Set  #14 Santa's Flight sleigh and 1 reindeer reduced Symbols of the Season - SofSB - Quilt Closeup Ponderosa Pinecone - single

 includes: Santa’s Flight, PineSpray 9″ (or 4.5″), &  Symbols of the Season Blocks                                                                           

Jingle Bell Set #23 Jingle Bell Dance Jingle Bell Swag - Border    Ponderosa Pinecone - single

includes: Jingle Bell Swag, Ponderosa Pinecone Border 4.5″ & Jingle Bell Dance 8″ Or specify 11″

Deck the Halls Set #61Poinsettia cropped one flower the Holly and ivy SNIPPET Holly Berriessnippet 12-days-panel-1-reduced

includes: Poinsettia, Holly Berries or The Holly and The Ivy,  & 12 Days of Christmas                                                  

FREE 1 Piper & 1 Drummer for 12 Days Border layout. 12 Days of Christmas single piper 12 days drummer complete cropped

Sugarplum Tree Set #64    trendy trees pasteup 1 tree  sugarplums 1 repeat for mail

Includes: Trendy Trees & Sugarplums 



Santa Around the World Blocks; Bk 1 Book 1 composite no title

The European Tradition 12″

Santa Around the World Blocks: Bk 2Book 2 composite no title darkened

The Distant Lands 12
Santa Around the World Set of 2 Books 12″SANTA BOOKS

“Or Buy Separately” –

Joyful Birth  11″ or 15″Pictogram
Camel Train 8″ Bdr
Palm Trees  10″ Bdr
Ponderosa Pine Spray 9″ E2E/Bdr or 15″
Snowbirds 11″                
Snowbird Bdr 6″
Ponderosa Pinecone Bdr 4.5″ 
 Rustic Santa Borders: Yosemite w/Bears 8″ & Northwoods w/Moose 11″
Rustic Grapevine Swag Bdr 8″  
Potpourri 10″  or PDF 
Silly Snowmen 11″
Holly Express Train 9″ or 4.5 or PDF 6″
Toyland Blocks
Santa’s Flight 11″
Symbols of the Season Blks
Ponderosa Pinecone Border 4.5”
Jingle Bell Dance 11″ 
Jingle Bell Dance 8″ 
Jingle Bell Swag  5.5″ 
Int.Poinsettia  2 rows of 6″ or PDF
Holly and Ivy  9″ or PDF                     
Holly Berries  or PDF
12 Days of Christmas 11″ Pictogram   or PDF
Sugarplums 11″  or PDF
Trendy Trees 11″ or PDF

Joyful Birth Blocks  joyful birth new color cover 

Nutcracker 11″  or PDFNutcracker woods pasteup

Teddy Bear Parade 8″ or PDF Teddy Bear Parade snippet
Holly Medallion Quiltholly medallion quilt

Holly Horse 8″  BdrHolly Horse Border

Fish Tales with Fish Bait Sashing 3 1/2″ Border Pattern

Fish Tales 3 1/2″ and Fish Bait 2 1/2″ sashing/border patterns.   And for a great deal on this and coordinating patterns check out the Big Campout Set for 20% OFF.   See it stitched on the edge of the Backwoods Pine Quilt. OR buy the quilt pattern and all it’s stitching as the Backwoods Pine Set for 20% OFF.

Did your Dad take the family on fishing trips when you were a kid?  Being from Minnesota, my Dad was a big fan of boating and fishing.  Truthfully, there’s no better way to eat fresh fish than cooked over a campfire.

This pattern is also available as a downloadable PDF.

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A Bright Spring

Spring is different than anyone expected this year.  I was thinking of Bunny Rabbits and Chicks and Easter Baskets. (*See those below!) But, in  the grocery store, before the world changed, I bought a beautiful, potted Blue Hydrangea.  Suddenly I loved the spring flowers.  Having it on my kitchen table has brought me so much happiness, I wanted to share it with others. 

“Hydrangea” 10-inch Interlocking Pantograph

If you haven’t seen my homepage take a look. It’s all part of the theme!

I couldn’t resist sharing my original Blueberry (Hydrangea) Breakfast Cake recipe. I’m such a foody!

My mind raced to devise a quilt design on which to display a Hydrangea Pantograph.  It’s been fun and I found that the emergence of the pretty spring flowers here in Kansas has lifted my spirits.

Hydrangea Quilt Design

It’s really a simple design. Here’s how you do it.

This could be adapted for pansies or any number of flowers in our gardens by changing the colors on this very simple pattern.

There are spring flowers everywhere I look. They bring the promise of re-birth and new days of peace and plenty. The world will become right again. Have faith!

Where do you hide the eggs for your Easter Basket?

Cookies too? We do!


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WOOF! WOOF! It’s National Dog Day!

Quilted by Angela Meadows Pieced/painted by Judy Lyon

Woof, Woof! It’s National Dog Day!
This week, until August 31st, get FREE Doggies PDF Block pattern sets with any purchase ( see below)
Also on sale, Dawgs, In the Doghouse, Dog Patch Quilt, Backwoods Moose Quilt and Backwoods Pine Quilt patterns with their necessary pantos, Backwoods, Campout, Fish Tales. You might also want to consider Halloween and Autumn patterns.

Several years ago I wanted to draw some dog patterns so I sent out a request for dog pictures. Wow! I got some of the cutest pictures. Of course everyone loves their dogs and I could see why. You can spot “Lady” in my Dogpatch Quilt.


Anyway, I drew up separate blocks of the dogs and then the “Dawgs” Pictogram (A non-repeating pantograph 12′ long)

and finally “In The Doghouse,” a 6″ wide border/edge to edge

Eventually I pieced the Dogpatch quilt using both patterns with their fun dog-bones sashing. Angela Meadows (my business partner and founder of MeadowLyon) quilted it and I painted in the dog faces everywhere they went over a white triangle.

I remember I had it spread out on our pool table in the basement with plastic trash bags draped over it to protect the rest of the quilt. (I was terribly afraid of ruining it!) My high school son came down, stood still a minute, and said, “Mom! You can paint!” 
Yep! But I hadn’t had time for that pleasure with 8 kids.

The first show I took it to was MQX in New Hampshire. As I was setting up, the photographer, Jeffrey Lomika, came rushing over. “I was photographing the quilts in the exhibit and looking through the lens, all of a sudden I saw Norman!!” 
Yes, his dog was in that quilt – the cutest little wire haired terrier ever. Look closely, maybe you can spot him. He was so cute, I used his face two or three times!

Do you remember I promised you a tutorial on inserting round patches into T-shirt Quilts. It’s Here: Making circular insets in T-shirt Quilts. You might also want to re-visit the Blog about T-shirt Quilts.



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Our Year In Review, On Sale For You!

I always enjoy reading the top 10 lists that start appearing at this time of year.  My family and I also always write a few of our own, remembering  the best and worst experiences of the past year.

 In that spirit of year-end reflection, I thought I should list MeadowLyon’s top 10 best and worst selling patterns of 2015.  

best worst

Our best selling patterns are also 10% off this January.  If you don’t have these yet, you will surely use them, so why not get them now?

1-star banner cropped edited snippetStar Banner    It is not hard to see why this one is so popular!  All those waving stars and stripes- I love it!

2-Psychedelic pasteup snippet Psychedelic     This pattern is so popular it is hard to keep it in stock.   Go ahead and order it if you like it, I’ll be getting more soon.  

3- Backwoods - CloseupBackwoods    A cozy backwoods quilt, a country cabin, and a roaring fire- I guess I am not the only one who thinks that is the perfect combination.

4-Funny-bones snippetFunny Bones  Yes, quilters do have a sense of humor!

5- ponderosa pine spray 9 SNIPPETPonderosa Pine Spray  One of my favorites too!  It looks great with everything!

6-spinning kokopeli Spinning Kokopelli  This one is so much fun, it’s no wonder so many people love it.

7-cloudy skies preview Cloudy Skies  This pattern is so easy and all-purpose!

8- Modern Squares 1 snippedModern Squares    I love seeing the modern masterpieces quilters create with this pattern.

9- FlowerBurstFlowerburst  This one is featured as the background of our website design.  It is also available as a 15″ pattern and a PDF.

10-maori moko bk 9 Maori Moko  Maori Moko is such a lovely pattern, it is no wonder that it is always a favorite.  It is available in multiple versions to fit any quilt design.

best worst

Of course even our “worst” patterns are still pretty amazing, they just may not appeal to as broad a range of quilters.  Maybe our 30% off sale for these patterns will help them find just the right home and get them off this list for 2016!

1- Indonesian Puppets - CloseupIndonesian Puppets If you love Indonesian Puppets, you will love this pattern.  Maybe more people should love Indonesian Puppets.

2- Didgeridoo-croppedDidgeridoo  If the Didgeridoo was just included in more orchestral scores or used in just a few rock bands I am sure this pattern would be much more popular.

3- Mayan Glyphs - WholeMayan Glyphs  Any of you have any Mayan friends? I bet they would love this pattern!

4-fleur de lis interlok Fleur-de-Lis  Spread the word, the fleur-de-lis is not just for Boy Scouts!  (What, you mean I was the only one that did not know that?)

5- Bengali Mosaic Panel 1Bengali Mosaic  I am sure there is someone out there looking for just this pattern.  If you meet them, please let them know it is here and on sale this month!

6- ski slopes snippetSki Slopes  Maybe not many quilters like to ski?

7- Egyptian PapyrusEgyptian Papyrus  These pretty, modern, and stylistic flowers would work for so many designs, not just in an Egyptian themed quilt.

8- Geisha Garden snippetGeisha Gardens  Doesn’t everybody need at least one Geisha quilt?

9- o canada snippetO Canada  It’s pretty chilly up there in Canada and I bet they need a lot of quilts.   This should be a perfect combination.

10- AnastasiaInterlocking Anastasia  This one is so lovely, I think it just must be overlooked.  You won’t pass it over, will you?


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Enjoy an outdoor adventure- from the comfort of your own sewing room!


Relive your favorite memories of the great outdoors as you stitch up your next quilt using one of MeadowLyon’s woodland designs!



Lewis & Clark Book

Lewis & Clark Adventure Book

Now in an easy to use 12″x 12″ book format, featuring 12 full size stitching medallions and Lewis and Clark Trails Quilt instructions.

Special introductory price of $19 (regular price $22) This May marks the 211th  anniversary of the “Corps of Discovery” Expedition. Celebrate by following along the Lewis and Clark Trail with these patterns!

  Click here to get a free PDF copy of Sacagawea.

MeadowLyon Pictograms pack tons of story into your stitching! Get used to hearing “I didn’t even notice that before!” and seeing their smiles every time they find something new in your quilt.

Campout 11″ Pictogram

I love this pattern!  Doesn’t it spark memories of our favorite camping disasters?  Sister is moments away from getting sprayed by a skunk, bears have helped themselves to the food (hung from the tree to keep them safe of course), Mom is going to get quite a surprise as she rows right up to a swimming moose, Dad is inches away from a bee sting, snakes slither and poison ivy abounds! Does this sound like any of your camping trips?

Campout - Pattern

My family just took an overnight camping trip to Roman Nose State Park in Oklahoma.  We are definitely not experts!  (Confession: we always watch a movie on a tablet in our tent at night.)  This time, our near disaster was having a cooler full of food, four hungry kids and then realizing at dinner time that the firewood we brought had the words “not for cooking” on the bag!  Luckily, Dad, our hero, saved the day by hunting down some wood from a farm nearby (what happened to the days when the woods were actually filled with wood you could use?)  We were happily chomping on s’mores by dusk.  What kind of camping disasters have you had? I would love to read about them! Tell your story in the comments section below!

Backwoods 11″ Pictogram

Each animal and plant in this pictogram has been realistically and accurately depicted in this beautiful nature scene.  It is such a lovely work of art that it is shocking to remember it is all made from one continuous line!  This popular pattern is a favorite among outdoorsmen (and women).

backwoods stacked scanned


Pacific Northwest 11″ Pictogram

I love the fern rich undergrowth of the Northern Pacific Forests.  Maybe I expect a leprechaun or two.  What I know I will find is pine scented scenery filled with salmon, bears, eagles, elk, wolves, foxes and even owls.  What’s that?  Do I hear a woodpecker knocking at that tree?  There are even some Totem poles nestled in the forests.

If you love the Northwest, you’ll love this pattern.

pacific northwest stacked w title


Birchbark 10″

Birchbark looks amazing quilted out and it hardly matters if you make a mistake, because it’s all wriggly anyway. It can be used as a Border or a vertical  E2E.   It comes with a 3” border of Canoes – birchbark of course.

Birchbark snippet reduced


Totem 6″

This is a perfect companion to the Pacific Northwest Pictogram.  The right borders and sashings really customize the look of your quilt.  This set includes totem borders, totem sashings, Haida canoes, and an orca border.

totem grouping for basket


Riverflow 10″

Riverflow is a really easy pantograph for the quilts that need to be finished up in a hurry.  Of course, it needs to be interesting to pass my test.  I think this one does and I know it will become one of your “go to” patterns for a variety of projects!

riverflow pasteup


Fish Tales with Fish Bait Sashing 3 1/2″ Border Pattern

Did your Dad take the family on fishing trips when you were a kid?  Being from Minnesota, my Dad was a big fan of boating and fishing.  Truthfully, there’s no better way to eat fresh fish than cooked over a campfire!

Fish Tales Border

Clear Stream

I remember one spring our family went to the Ozarks.  We camped alongside a beautiful stream that was as clear as glass.  It was a delight to walk out over the smooth stones and look straight down to the bottom.  I hope you’ve had an experience like that too.  If you haven’t, try an Ozark vacation!



Ponderosa Pine Spray  9″ Edge to Edge Pantograph

Ponderosa Pine Spray 9″ is one of our most popular patterns.  Whether you’re  the out-doorsy type or filled with holiday thoughts, or recalling great family vacations,  Pine boughs just about have to be part of the picture.  You’ll find lots of uses for this pattern.

ponderosa pine spray 9 SNIPPET


Ponderosa Pine Spray 15″

Here is a fast and quick covering version of our most popular pattern.

ponderosa pine spray snippet 15


Ponderosa Pine Cone Border 4.5″

I may have used this little pattern more than any other.  A sprinkling of pine goes so well with so many other patterns!

ponderosa pinecone 4.5  cropped


Owlets 10″ Edge to Edge Pantograph

Owls are so popular right now.  The little ones are cute bits of fluff.  Our baby grandson’s carseat is newly covered with the cute little birds and so are fabrics and decorator items galore.  Everyone just has to have owls!

Owlets snippet


Rustic Santas: Northwoods & Yosemite

You’ll have lots of fun with these 2 great images of Santa! This unique dual pattern gives you lots of variety and fun.  Let them spin around the border of a special, woodsy Christmas quilt.  I love the rustic backwoods look for the holidays.

Don’t you wish you could stay in the woods for Christmas?  Sheltered in a cozy cabin with a roaring fire, while being “snowed in” high in the Sierras or the Alleghenys, has always been a romantic dream of mine.

Rustic Santas - Yosemite santa




We have a limited supply of these printed block pattern sets left.  However, after they are gone you will still be able to purchase these patterns as PDF’s.

Antlers and Horns 8″ Blocks

Antlers and Horns Block - ACAHB - Collection of 12

Campout 8″ Blocks

Campout Block - COB - Collection of 12

Backwoods 8″ Blocks

Backwoods Block - BWB - Collection of 12


Backwoods Pine Quilt Pattern PDF

"Backwoods Pine Quilt" by Judy Lyon quilted by Pat Brown

Backwoods Moose Quilt Pattern

backwoods Moose quilt


Finally, no campout would be complete without bug bites and swamp critters!  Pick up as many as you want for free!

No itching, guaranteed!



Rustic Santas: Northwoods & Yosemite

You’ll have lots of fun with these 2 great images of Santa! This unique dual pattern gives you lots of variety and fun.  Let them spin around the border of a special, woodsy Christmas quilt.  I love the rustic backwoods look for the holidays.

Don’t you wish you could stay in the woods for Christmas?  Sheltered in a cozy cabin with a roaring fire, while being “snowed in” high in the Sierras or the Alleghenys, has always been a romantic dream of mine.

Northwoods Santa on his rustic sleigh speeds through the forest pulled by his holiday Moose (11″x 6′).  Yosemite Santa on his sledge, is pulled by the local Bears (8″x 6′).  Both Santas with their teams are separated into two  36″ panels making each span 6′ in length. You can extend the borders by adding another panel of animals.  Fill up the center of your quilt with Christmasy “Potpourri” or “Ponderosa Pine Spray.”     Buy it for 20% OFF in the RUSTIC CHRISTMAS SET!