FATHER CHRISTMAS Embroidery United kingdom


Machine Embroidery


This is a FREE SAMPLE of Embroidery files for Father Christmas of the Untied Kingdom.  You may download it and run the sample.
Give me your thoughts. What I want to know is, do you who do machine embroidery think you would like or use these blocks? They are done in “Bean” stitch. I have a total of 26 from various countries. Eventually, you might choose the country of your heritage or a European set to make a Christmas quilt or wall hanging.
They’ve been available for Machine quilting – digital or paper – but now embroidery.

This is a FREE TEST SAMPLE of Embroidery files for Christmas Pop of Latvia.  You may download it and run the sample.  Please DO NOT pass it around to others.  If they want a sample, they should download it for themselves.

It is part of the SANTA WORLD BOOK set #1.



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