Clean Sweep Giveaway


I was cleaning out my inventory closet the other day and after I was done I was left with 3 patterns that had no place to go.  These are beautiful patterns that had been specially ordered, but then not needed, and then had been left sitting in my way for the last year and a half.  I fill an order, move them around, get out a box, move them back, fill another order, move them again . . .  Enough!  It is high time for those patterns to get out of my closet!  So I’m giving them away! One lucky winner will take them off my hands and out of my way for good!  And since I’m putting together a prize box, how could I resist adding some skeletons from my closet as well (ha ha).  And let’s toss in some block sets to make it really fun! Voila! A Clean Sweep Giveaway!

Prizes Include:

How to enter:

You can enter the giveaway different ways: our facebook page (JudyMeadowLyon), our newsletter, or this website.  If you enter all 3 ways, you get your name in the pot 3 times! Since you’re here at our website right now, what you need to do is simply write a review on one (or more!) of your favorite MeadowLyon patterns.  Just say what you like about it, you don’t have to own it.  I see & approve all the new comments on the back end of the website, and will enter your name into the drawing! That’s all!  Here’s a screen shot of where you click to add a review on a sample product page:screenshot-review

One lucky winner will be randomly drawn on October 24.

The winner will be announced on our facebook page as well as on the website.  If I get no response from the winner by email or facebook after a reasonable amount of time & effort to contact them, let’s say a week, a new winner will be chosen.

Good Luck!