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Meet the People Behind MeadowLyon Designs

Angela Meadows (The Quilter)

Angela “I was born and raised in Kansas. I’ve been married for 29 years, and have 4 children: 3 boys, 28, 25, and 21, and one girl, 18. I’ve lived in such places as Ft. Carson, Colorado; Ft. McClellan, Alabama; Goeppingen, Germany; Ft. Bragg, North Carolina; and Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, where my family and I now reside. In February 1997 I bought an APQS Ultimate I quilting machine, and went into business quilting for other people in October of the same year. My friend, Judy Lyon, came to me one day with a quilt to do. (See bottom of page.) She wanted all kinds of tropical things on it. I told her I’d be glad to do it, if she would draw the pattern. She drew the most amazing pattern I’d ever seen. I said, “Judy, you’ve got to get that pattern out to people!” And that’s what we’ve been doing ever since. She draws it, I quilt and fine-tune it, and we’re working on many more ideas and themes for MeadowLyon quilting patterns.”

Judy Lyon (The Designer)

Judy “I can remember way back lying on my mother’s bed and asking about all the bright silks in Grandma’s log cabin quilt. Fashioned around the turn of the century, it was my first real introduction to quilts. As I grew I played under quilts over which Mama and her friends were chatting. Those stretched out canopies through which the light illuminated appliqué flowers or pieced stars were the perfect venue for playing dolls. It’s no surprise to me that quilts would continue to play an important part of my life. I became interested in making a quilt with animals in it for my son James who used to lie on the floor pouring over a big animal book. It was self-designed and heavily pieced with birds and animals peeking out from the leaves of the trees in the rainforest. (We had recently lived in Malaysia and Hawaii because of my husband’s military assignments.) When it came time to quilt it, I knew it had to be something special. So I got out the animal book and drew a forest of leaves and creatures for my friend Angela to quilt on her long-arm machine. It was wonderful. Everything I had hoped it would be. That is what I have loved doing ever since. My eight children ask, “Why are you doing this Mom?” It’s because I love creating. There’s so much of me they don’t even know about because I haven’t had time to “be all that I can be”.”


The Quilt That Started It All

(Judy) “When it came time for quilting this special quilt, I asked Angela to quilt it using a pattern I drew up of a forest of creatures. Angela decided I had some talent and should share it with others. With her help and advice, we have been going strong creating patterns ever since. We hope you have as much fun quilting them as we have had designing them.”

The Quilt that Started It All

Melissa Lyon

IMG_3422“When I first stepped into the Lyon family home 15 years ago, I realized that everything my then fiancee had been telling me about his mother (Judy Lyon) was true! (Don’t worry, it was all good!)  She added her unique artistic and creative flair to everything she touched.  Their home was full of her original projects, souvenirs from their years abroad filled the walls, music and smells of great things cooking filled the air.  Judy Lyon is a woman of amazing talents!  In the last few years I have watched her put all that creative energy and passion into her MeadowLyon business.

In the time since then I have been busy raising my four children. When my youngest started full day kindergarten in 2015 my slice of extra time coincided perfectly with Judy’s need for someone to temporarily take care of business matters for MeadowLyon (mainly shipping and running the website) as she left for 2 years to be a missionary in Thailand.  Since becoming more familiar with her work, I am even more impressed.  Her designs are brilliant!  The research and details she puts into each one is fascinating and the touches of whimsy are adorable!  I believe MeadowLyon Designs offers the most unique and amazing patterns available, and I am happy to be a part of it.”