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The Lord God Made Them All.

I’m Baaack…

Serving as a missionary has given me an added opportunity to appreciate all the Blessings God has given me – AND to ALL of us.  I think we don’t always recognize and give thanks to Him who gave them all.

So, this past year as I was making a quilt with animals flowers, etc. (as I am wont to do)  I felt I should add the phrase “The Lord God Made Them All.” In fact, I felt “He” wanted me to say that!  After all, I firmly believe He did make them all.

The phrase comes from a lovely old hymn entitled “All Things Bright and Beautiful.”  

From Wikipedia:  “All Things Bright and Beautiful” is an Anglican hymn, also sung in many other Christian denominations. The words are by Cecil Frances Alexander and were first published in her Hymns for Little Children of 1848. The hymn is commonly sung to the hymn tune All Things Bright And Beautiful, composed by William Henry Monk in 1887.

As quilter’s we commonly use motifs from nature and the beautiful world around us. I decided to applique those words across the quilt and my friend, who quilted it for me with my Chicken Feathers, stitched over the words with my Sunflowers pattern.  Very appropriate indeed. I’m considering adding it to the quilts I make and design in the future.

If you have a quilt that seems appropriate, I’ve made a little PDF.  It contains the letters which could be appliqued, but also a continuous line version for machine quilting. “The Lord God made them All”

The quilt is a hodge podge of designs found online and modified. There was even a panel of roosters bought at the local quilt shop.  I guess the little chick is the only truly Judy Lyon creation and I did add the little plastic wings on the bees.  Hmm. It can be washed but can’t go in the dryer! Because the roosters had printed “frames” around them I had to make “frames” around the pieced hens, beehives, and ducks I pieced.  Now that you know, you can probably spot the difference. That became a bit grueling!

I’ll share some closeups in case you like the idea.

I’ve saved scraps from the original quilt to make an easier version as a “strip” quilt. But I’ll need to make a lot of chicks and more Bees! This time instead of plastic wings, I’ve got a branch of artificial flower petals to try.

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