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Ohoooo! Creeeepy Halloweeeeen Re-visited!

“BATS” Yesterday I added a new FREE pdf ! You’ll love the way it looks on your Halloween Quilt!

Look what My grandson served us when we visited last Halloween! Do you have a favorite Feet-Loaf recipe? Use onion slices for toenails! See recipe below.

The air is getting a little cooler, thank goodness!  I just hope it doesn’t get so cold the kids all have to cover up their costumes with coats.  AND! Heaven forbid, snow like we had one year. It’s late & We’ve got to get those Halloween patterns off the shelves before they’re mummified!

Halloween Kaleidoscope Quilt. Can you see how I tried out my Halloween pantographs on it?

I love my Halloween Kaleidoscope Quilt. I love making Kaleidoscopes and arranging them in new ways. Click HERE for the tutorial. They make a perfect quilt for so many of these Halloween fabrics!

Plus, I’m always thinking about all the yummy treats for Halloween. I hope you like my – Floating on Air -“GHOSTIES” – to go along with my “Ghostly Feathers” pattern. Learn how to make them below.

Every October when our kids were small I would decorate the front door with spider webs made of black or white yarn and hang big plastic spiders on them.  Then, there was the year James made Jack Pumpkinhead and he has been our door greeter ever since. See him in last years Halloween post. AND get the recipe for our yummy “pumpkin-filled” Pumpkin Face Cookies. here

Don’t get creeped-out by my “Spider Webs” Pantograph. Ohhh, they’re so realistic and soooo Creeeepy! It reminds me of the spiders the boys made in Cub Scouts. See below.

Here’s a mock-up idea for a fun “Spider Webs” Quilt!

Okay – I’m not really crazy about spiders. I step on them purposely, but I had 5 boys and, well, boys like stuff like that! Here’s a paper bowl spider I taught the boys to make in scouts. Kids love creeping it along! It has been loads of fun over the years. 25 years to be exact! (It’s a little weather-beaten!)

Enjoy his creepy crawly movements!

Here are some other fun Halloween patterns and recipes/ideas to go with them!


My mom used to add chocolate chips to her meringues. She called them Surprises! I didn’t do it on these “Ghosties” but you might want to try it. The chips don’t show on the outside!

Isn’t this a fun Ghost pie my friend Virginia made?

Do you have a ghost cookie cutter? Let me dig through my baking drawer and see if I have one.

It’s windy today and I’m afraid the leaves will turn and blow off the trees before I can get my Thanksgiving candles made. Go here for the Ice Candle tutorial. Make them NOW while there are still leaves to gather and put them in your freezer!

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