Interested in a Meadowlyon Trunk Show?

Judy Lyon now offers 6 Different Programs!

I’d love to visit your guild.  I’m adding NEW QUILTS all the time!

All our MeadowLyon Quilts and their stories can be enjoyed In-Person or Virtually through our narrated slide shows.  (Don’t worry I’ll show some super close-ups!)  Our shows are fast paced, so don’t blink or you’ll miss something great! 

You’ll be able to show the the Virtual shows with a projector or with a laptop! Zoom is all the rage!  All my programs of either kind are economical – $200. 

A “Door Prize?”  I’ll send along a Free PDF pantograph to share with your guild.

Available Trunk Show Programs:

Adding the Secret Ingredient – a MeadowLyon Adventure

In this 1-hr. program, we’ll tell how our business blossomed from a single quilt to a repertoire of the most unique patterns in the machine quilting world. Spiced with fun stories of inspiration, midnight rush-jobs, and “how-tos” these quilts will come to life.  We’ll pass around lots of samples for a “good look.” This “Overflowing Trunk” show will introduce you to our expanding line of designs stitched on specialty quilts that you’ll find nowhere else!

With an understanding of how unique stitching and thread choice support special quilts we can explore the Secret Ingredients: Adventure filled with the excitement of life, Fantasy or Fascination for the heart, Culture for a worldwide dimension and Discovery with Embellishments that add artistic interest. It’s an Inspiring Show for traditional and machine quilters alike!

MeadowLyon’s Magical Theme Quilts

MeadowLyon Patterns make quilts fun and, oh, so interesting to explore!  See how we do it in this 1-hr. mini-version of our MQS Show “how-to” program.

In this glorified and instructional Trunk Show you’ll see our newest and best quilts all designed in the Theme quilt way.  On our giant flannel board, we’ll explore how to use our distinctive patterns by pulling our compatible patterns together to create a finished masterpiece.   Best of all, you’ll see how to incorporate complementary blocks, borders and pantos into your own quilts. We’ll spend some time talking about what type of quilts work well with the various types of patterns.   Important considerations for sizing will be discussed.  Some of our patterns will also be opened up to view and our big charts will be on display.

Back to Nature

Let’s narrow it down to everything from Nature.  And MeadowLyon has plenty of it!  Animals and natural venues galore will inspire you to create your next quilt depicting the wonders of the amazing world around us.  You’ll enjoy a good look at African Safari, Dawgs, Fishy Business, SnowBirds, Flowers, Backwoods, and more. Plus, we’ll talk about what choices we make to enhance the flora and fauna that we love.

Asian Inspiration – Thailand Adventure and Design. 

The fun adventures of a Quilter’s Missionary Life in Thailand: Quilts, Designs, Hand Weaving and Bags.

Recently my husband and I spent 2 years on an LDS Church Mission to Thailand.  We were lucky to visit a few other Asian countries, too!  In fact in the Army that’s been our focus for many years.  I’ve got lots of inspiration for new designs and projects and bought lots of fabric. I couldn’t resist purchasing lots of Thai quilts and quilted bags!  We’ll find quilt pattern ideas in the mosaics of the Grand Palace, and enjoying Chinese New Year. And in slides we’ll visit some markets and weavers. I always have to talk fast so as not to leave anything out. Don’t miss a minute!     

Heritage Quilts: Let me Outta that Trunk!

Can you tell your history through quilts?  Maybe your mothers or grandmothers or even Great Grandmothers were quilters. This program lets all my treasures out of the “Trunk.”  They’re so happy to breathe some fresh air.  In a trip down memory lane, I’ll talk about sharing your life and history through the quilts you have and make. Bring your antique quilts to show too! I’ll bring along our patterns and sample quilts.  

Modern Quilts, How I make them – How I quilt them.

I lived through the 50’s, I lived through the 60’s, I lived through the 70’s, I lived through the 80’s, and NOW IT’S THE 50’s AGAIN.  Is my memory working???? Modern quilts are the rage.  I’ll show ideas for making them and some creative ways to quilt them.  We’re going to be young again!!


Click below for a PDF brochure about Meadowlyon Trunkshow Programs and Workshops for you to download or print and share with your guild.