Copyright Notice

Copyright Notice

MeadowLyon patterns are copyright protected. They may be used for personal and small business use. They may not be copied in any form for sale without written permission.)

(Copyright explanation: Because of all the hoopla over copyrights, here’s the real “skinny” on what you can and can’t do with MeadowLyon patterns, straight from the horses mouth. These patterns were originally designed for longarm quilters. Therefore, you may use them for your own quilts, quilts to give away, and quilts for customers or ones that you sell. For example, if you want to quilt up a dozen Babyland quilts to donate to a charity, or sell at a craft show, that’s fine. We don’t mind.)

The block patterns (used by longarm quilters and other sewers alike) can be used as insets, for the same purposes as stated above. You can make copies to re-size them, or to sew through the paper so you don’t damage the original.

Here’s what we DON’T want. We have kept the prices as low as possible so everyone who wants to use the patterns can buy their own copies. We do NOT want you to make a copy (or copies) for your friends so they can have them. We want them to buy their own. (Tracing the 12′ pattern takes US 1 1/2 hours or more, so it’s not worth it anyway.) The block patterns would be easy to copy and give away or sell. We’d appreciate it very much if you wouldn’t do that.

Thanks, Judy and Angela