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A Bright Spring

Spring is different than anyone expected this year.  I was thinking of Bunny Rabbits and Chicks and Easter Baskets. (*See those below!) But, in  the grocery store, before the world changed, I bought a beautiful, potted Blue Hydrangea.  Suddenly I loved the spring flowers.  Having it on my kitchen table has brought me so much happiness, I wanted to share it with others. 

“Hydrangea” 10-inch Interlocking Pantograph

If you haven’t seen my homepage take a look. It’s all part of the theme!

I couldn’t resist sharing my original Blueberry (Hydrangea) Breakfast Cake recipe. I’m such a foody!

My mind raced to devise a quilt design on which to display a Hydrangea Pantograph.  It’s been fun and I found that the emergence of the pretty spring flowers here in Kansas has lifted my spirits.

Hydrangea Quilt Design

It’s really a simple design. Here’s how you do it.

This could be adapted for pansies or any number of flowers in our gardens by changing the colors on this very simple pattern.

There are spring flowers everywhere I look. They bring the promise of re-birth and new days of peace and plenty. The world will become right again. Have faith!

Where do you hide the eggs for your Easter Basket?

Cookies too? We do!


2 thoughts on “A Bright Spring

  1. You are just SO talented. Love your designs!

  2. I cannot believe your can cookie cutter! That was ingenious, and it is so perfect.

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