Int.#2494  A lavender-blue profusion


On the north side of our house in Los Angeles, we had two huge hydrangea bushes.  They were about 5 feet in diameter and covered with huge, lavender-blue blooms.  Never before or since have I seen such magnificent displays!  I can’t help but think of those bushes each time I see a Hydrangea plant.  So I’ve designed this pattern filled with texture and waiting for you to imagine the lovely contrast of the dark green leaves against the blue flowers.

This pattern is 10 inches wide with Interlocking flower heads and leaves to bring the rows together in an encompassing floral display.  At first I wanted fewer leaves, but they added much needed difference in texture and helped to define the flower heads.

ALSO, on this page I’ll attach a quilt design (blocks) on which you can stitch your Hydrangeas.  By cutting the white and purple strips for the “chain block” at 2″ with the center square at 3.5 inches and strips, they will combine as a 9.5″ total block.  Use a 5-inch charm pack of purples and pinks to create the “flower blocks.”  The centers will be made by diagonally stitching  small 1 1/4″ squares of yellow or purple across the inner points of all four petals.   The two outer triangles on each petal will be made with 2″ squares of assorted greens. Try other colors too.  See THE TUTORIAL on my Blog – A BRIGHT SPRINGSend me a pix of your finished quilt!!

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