High Desert


Spring in the High Desert #2481-10″


The High Desert in the Spring is filled with color and activity. Stitch the fun across your quilt to add another dimension of interest. It’s the secret ingredient that draws the eye toward the beauty you’ve created.  In the two 10×18-inch panels of this sandy soil you’ll find a desert tortoise, a lizard, cholla cactus wood, a pocket mouse, flowering barrel cactus and rocks!

Oh yeah! Cactus!  My mom was a crafty sort and she just had to have some of that decorative Cholla Cactus wood.  I can remember her with a handerkerchief tied around her face like a mask and wielding a big butcher knife held by big heavy gloves – scraping the “stickers” off the cactus!!  Those stickers are terrors!! They are the enemy! I know that from experience.

But, Cactus Flowers that was another thing!  They were friendly and had the brightest colors!!

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