Desert Rose


A Beautiful Interlocking Succulent  #2493


This voluptuous, succulent flower is actually “Echeveria.” But that wasn’t an easy name for a pattern.  I looked at Agave plants thinking that would be a great name, but the plant itself wasn’t as beautiful as this one.  So I decided on “Desert Rose.”  I hope you’ll agree and enjoy this huge, Interlocking, 11 inch “flower”  (10″ PDF)  bursting out over your quilt!  This pattern does not roll straight down, but there are convenient alignment instructions.  The alignment “dots” are close enough to swing your laser light over without moving the pattern!

But there’s more to the name than that.  When I was a girl our family would often drive from LA to Utah or to Lake Mead in Nevada.  Going through Las Vegas, we always stopped for the night at the “Desert Rose Motel!”  I doubt it’s still there, but if you drive into Las Vegas from the south on the old road, watch for it.

I’m fascinated by the varieties of Desert Landscape. I guess that’s because I am a Southern California girl!   We had a Desert Cabin just outside Joshua Tree National Park.  I would dress up in my boots (protection against snakes, you know!) and go climbing over the boulders and up “Rattlesnake Hill” behind our cabin.  My brother and I would shoot at old tin cans with his Bebe gun and sometimes a jackrabbit, too.  I found a great picture of beautiful succulents and decided to mock-up a quilt to match it.  I sewed strips round and round the center in the colors I saw in the photo.  I over-layed the Desert Rose patterns over it.  I love it and hope you do too.  If you make an actual quilt Pleeeze send me a picture!

If you like the “hot sandy soil” I’ve drawn lots of patterns for you; Southwest Vistas, Cactus Garden, Modern Southwest, Spiral Suns, Spinning Kokopelli, Cactus Flower, Pueblo Pottery, Snakeskin, Simple Saguaro, and High Desert.   Or buy three at a 20% OFF discount in the Southwest Set. 

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