Egyptian Mystique Borders


King Tut Block and 4  Borders

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King Tut Block : 10.5x 13.5”  Consider using this as the centerpiece of your stitching design. Across the bottom and  top place a border made from the “Upper Border” of Envy of the Nile.  Surround it with the lower segment of Egyptian columns  on either side. 

“Cartouche:”  5 x 140”  This is an interesting collection of some of the most recognizable Egyptian cartouches as well as an image of the god Horus.  He has been placed in the center of the border, as I imagine it might be used on a quilt’s edge.  If you want to omit the eagle Horus, simply fold the pattern as if taking a “tuck.”   Other representations are Cleopatra, Ramses-II, Ptolemy & Tutankhamen.

“Envy of the Nile:”  140″ x 8″ (variable to 6″)  The upper border section also makes a nice sashing.

“Egyptian Columns:” 2.5 x 120″ Vertical border.

Other Patterns in this series are Egyptian Papyrus (a stylized flower)and Interlocking Pharaoh’s Collar.



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