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Egyptian Mystique #2318


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A bold collection of Egyptian grandeur includes: Egyptian Columns 2.5,”  Envy of the Nile 8,” Cartouche 5” &  King Tut 10” x 13” Block

This unique border “Set”, with  Ancient Egyptian appeal, will add a memorable finish to your specialty quilt.  I promised to draw these for my Egyptian friend Hana.

King Tut Block : 10.5x 13.5”  Consider using this as the centerpiece of your stitching design. Across the bottom and  top place a border made from the “Upper Border” of Envy of the Nile.  Surround it with the lower segment of Egyptian columns  on either side. 


“Cartouche:”  5 x 140”  This is an interesting collection of some of the most recognizable Egyptian cartouches as well as an image of the god Horus.  He has been placed in the center of the border, as I imagine it might be used on a quilt’s edge.  If you want to omit the eagle Horus, simply fold the pattern as if taking a “tuck.”   Other representations are Cleopatra, Ramses-II, Ptolemy & Tutankhamen.

“Envy of the Nile:”  (140” corner to corner)  This would make a lovely border for our E2E “Egyptian Papyrus.”   It measures  8 inches wide altogether, but is actually 2 borders-in-one that may be separated to reduce the size to 6.5 inches.  With some adjustments you may even reduce the width to 5 inches by eliminating the lower segment of the original border.  Its Upper Border makes a nice sashing if used alone.  Note: The top line of the upper border is a separate line running straight across the length of the border.

“Egyptian Columns:”   2.5 x 120”  This vertical border gives just the right touch of solidity to the grand design.




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