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It’s the year of the TIGER.

Asian-themed pantos make beautiful quilts.

TIGER STORY:  embroidered on a quilt from the Hill Tribes of Thailand.

For a long time Lawloua walked to the forest.  Lawloua shot a gibbon in the tree.  The tiger bit Lawloua. The tiger put on his clothes and carried a Gibbon with a gun, came home. Lawloua’s wife and young sister waited it. The tiger cut the gibbon into 4 pieces and counted and said: share our one bite. After finished the Gibbon, the Tiger enter to bedroom and bit Lawloua’s wife. At night the Tiger asked and said: where you sleep tonight young sister Jor.  For a minute she took a skirt cover the pan and the pan cover her in. ? maybe she was hiding. At morning the sun was shining. The Tiger saw sister Jor sleep on the roof.  Suddenly the Tiger jumped on to the roof to bite her but she threw chilly (chili) to its eyes. The tiger no has wisdom. It ran to wash eyes at the pail of water. One day the crow flew to the roof. She gave it any kind (? what) for tell her parent.  The crow went and tolt (told) Jor’s father and put down a kind for him. They conversed for about they how to help their daughter. They dug a big hole wait for it and they would kill it. They prepared some munitions. They arrived Lawloua’s house. They asked their people.  Jor called the Tiger come home.  They tolt a lie and said to it sing song.  They took the Tiger to dip up water.  The tiger went to fell in the hole and then they killed it that time.   They took Jor go back home.

How about some Tiger cookies?

Happy Chinese New Year!

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