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Several years ago I had a wonderful experience drawing the Joyful Birth Pictogram. It was a time of reflection and study, since I wanted it to be just right! While drawing, as I often do, I formed an image in my mind of a quilt to stitch it on. As usual, I was in a rush so my friend Mildred quilted it. Last year, one of my sons suggested I make them for all 8 children. So in 2014, I made 8 more—or more correctly my friend Pat with a Statler, quilted them. I did however do the applique on all 9 quilts.

As I was placing the applique pieces over and over I wondered if some of you might want the pattern. So I started taking pictures of the process. The following is essentially a journal of the process with some advice and tips along the way. I hope you’ll enjoy the experience.

Judy Lyon

I made mine reversible with different fabric on the back.  I started painting it with Tsuneniko inks.  I almost like this side better.

While you can stitch this quilt anyway you wish, it was designed to feature MeadowLyon’s “Joyful Birth” 11″ Pictogram, as well as the “Palm Trees” and “Camel Train” borders.  These pantographs are not included in the free download but can be purchased here.

Be aware before you print that this file is 21 pages long and heavy on images.

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