Joyful Birth 15″ Pictogram

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This pattern is 15″ wide with no repeats. It’s an enlarged version of our 11″ size. It has 4 panels of 49″ each. Joyful exuberance is expressed in our childlike representation of Christ’s birth. In this whole cloth pattern Mary (holding baby Jesus) and Joseph’s faces beam from the stable, shepherds look up in wonder and joy, wisemen hurry from afar, and a choir of angels sing over the scene lit by the Christmas star. This pattern also includes camels, child, donkey, animals, village, and palm trees.  The Hebrew lettering says, Jeshua The Messiah.

Do you want a Bed quilt for Christmas?     When this enlarged pattern is quilted it will create a rectangle  almost 50″(49.25) x 60.”   Adding an extra row of 8″ Camel Train or 10″ Palm Trees could lengthen it for a twin quilt.  Or adding the Camel Train on the borders as I did will widen it to 66.”

The quilted examples are 11″ size, but it will give you an idea of what to expect – just bigger.  The Nativity quilt pictured used the Camel Train as a border.  After the quilt was “quilted” I added the applique.  You see it extends over the stitching in a few places, but I like the effect.  I’ve also made it reversible.  When I applied the applique, I machine stitched through and at the same time attached applique to the back.  Now I’m painting some of the pictorial motifs with Tsukeniko Inks.  I don’t know which side I like best.  I’ll post it as soon as I get it finished.  This would be a great project for your family to “color” their quilt for Christmas!

Wendy Bynner stitched the beautiful table runner and Janice Bahrt the lovely red whole cloth.

The distinctive feature of a Pictogram is that it’s a pantograph with NO repeats.  It’s a complete 12′ roll comprised of 4 panels of 3′ each, all “hooked” together. I’ve added a dotted line at each 36″ section. (For this enlarged version the length of each panel is about 45.”)  While they can be stacked up as shown in the picture, they can also be quilted like an E2E or B2B giving lots of pictorial subject matter to your quilt.

If you want the 11″ size of Joyful Birth click here.  Images shown are 11″ size.

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  2. Pam Chaney

    Joyful Birth is absolutely AMAZING!!! I am still working on my panto skills and dream of owning a computerized longarm set up, but NOTHING the computer could do would compare with this! Hopefully I will be proficient enough to starch this!!!

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