The 12 Days of Christmas 11″ Pictogram




This striking Whole Cloth design boasts all the images you’d expect.  Count them and see! (I have to admit it was challenging fitting everything in!)

It is planned to be used as a whole cloth piece.  The five panels of the pictogram roll should be placed to form a 36″ x 55″ picture.   If you’d like to create a border with pipers and drummers we offer a FREE DOWNLOAD of 1 Piper and 1 Drummer that you can copy to march round the panels.

The meshing panels make it possible to also use this beautiful pattern for E2E Quilting.

I’ve also pictured the Old Version with this page.  If you want that version I can print it for you. (In the original version the bottom panel was very cramped.)

If you purchased the original version and would like the 2 new panels on a paper roll –  click here.      


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