12 Days of Christmas “NEW Paper Addition” – panels 4 & 5




Did you buy an earlier paper version of 12 Days of Christmas?  I wasn’t satisfied with the split panel, they were just too squeezed.  But could never decide which of 2 options to replace it: E2E or Border.

I’ve now drawn 2 separate panels for the Pipers and Drummers that are concatenating.   ie. They can be used for E2E quilting.   If you already have the Paper Pictogram you can obtain these 2 PAPER REPLACEMENT panels FREE.   I’m asking you to pay only  for  the shipping. (Or if you’re buying something else at the same time, it’ll roll right into the shipping for the other items.)

Please do not ask for the free 2 rows if you did not previously purchase the original 12 Days of Christmas.

Or you can order these 2 panels as a FREE PDF download that you’ll need to print off and tape together.

I’ve also offered a FREE download for 1 Piper & 1 Drummer so you can create your own border around the first 3 panels, if that is your preference.

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