Kick up your Heels


Having fun with pantographs. Use the images in a new way – Applique!


KICK UP YOUR HEELS  16 High Heels to applique on your teen’s quilt!

YOU CAN HAVE LOTS OF FUN WITH PICTOGRAMS, PANTOS AND BLOCKS. So don’t be tied down to edge to edge (now don’t get me wrong I love E2E).  BUT Break loose and get creative !

When I was visiting my kids over vacation I got the idea of helping our 13 yr. old grand-daughter make a quilt. I thought of my cute High Heels panto and it seemed perfect for a girl her age. She was excited, but confessed, “I don’t know how to sew!”  So that was a bit of a challenge. Hmmm!  We decided to turn the shoes into appliques and march them across the quilt.   She chose fabrics, and we traced the shoes onto some fusible to be ironed onto the fabrics.   I showed her how to carefully stitch around one of them with the machine’s blanket stitch.  She did the next one.  As soon as she sews around each, I’ll combine them into a fun quilt and “quilt” them with the High Heels Panto.   “Now I can show my friends what I did over vacation,” she exclaimed proudly.

Don’t forget to have a look at the original High Heels Pantograph!


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