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This 20% OFF anything sale is such a great opportunity.
I want to share even more ideas with you if you’re willing.
I’m always trying to push the limits.  I guess that’s the way it is with creative minds, right?  I know you have one because you’re a quilter!

Here’s a fun way to use this cute Halloween pattern on a block exchange.This is Helen Baczynski’s Pumpkin patch quilt. And this is Funny Bones by Diana Reinhardt Annis.  Someone sent a picture of a quilt with Ghostly Feathers and I can’t it anywhere.  Wish I had it to show you.

I love decorating for Halloween and Fall.  There are cute ideas I’ve collected over the years.  AND great recipes.  Yes, Secretly I’m a wanna-be Chef!

When he was young my son helped me make a Halloween, Jack Pumpkin-head, giant marionette. He was dressed in some old coveralls of my kids’ and old Camouflage boots. We hung him up every year by our various front doors.

Halloween tree


Another tradition at our house is the “Brown Tree.”  
The kids retrieved it from the trash one year after Christmas and begged to keep it to play with in the backyard.  I finally said,”Okay, but after 3-4 days you must throw it away!”  Well, when the needles fell it was such a cute twisted shape that I’ve kept it now for almost 30 years.  It even moved with us to Hawaii and back!  I decorate it for every changing season.  Here is the Halloween version.

Our very most favorite Halloween Cookies are – Pumpkin Face Cookies adapted from an old BH&G.  (Not a great picture, but it is a great recipe!)



Nestled in front of it one year was a mug of my Pumpkin Biscotti.  It’s a recipe I give out with my “Yummy, Yummy Pumpkin Kaleidoscope w/Toplique  Workshop.