Pumpkin Patch w/ sashings 8″ Pictogram


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This pattern is 8″ wide with no repeats. It has 4 panels of 3′ each and includes a garden of pumpkins sprinkled with corn, cats, and mice. It also includes a pumpkin sashing pattern and a mouse sashing pattern.  This is perfect for mid-arm machines, but many long-armers choose it for the cute sashings that come with it. This 8-inch size comes with two 2.5″ sashing patterns: Pumpkin Sashing and Mouse Sashing.

I’ve attached a bright quilt which actually shows the 11″ version of  Pumpkin Patch around the edge and the 8″ version in the center.  In the small green border you can see the “mouse sashing” that comes with the 8″ pattern.  All over the quilt I’ve included appliques done right into the pantograph with our unique top-lique method.  Now that you know,  see how the cat and pumpkin are actually part of the pantograph stitching.

If you’d like the 11″ size of Pumpkin Patch, click here.


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