Panda-Monium 11″ Pictogram


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Panda-Monium 11″ Whole Cloth roll pattern with 4″ Panda Play and 1 1/4″ Bamboo Cane

This pattern is 11″ wide with 4 panels that are 3′ long. It includes panda bears playing and eating in a stand of bamboo. (Although this is in the whole cloth category, is consists of a 6′ repeat, printed twice.) This pattern also includes “Panda Play”, a 4″ repeating border of roly-poly pandas clutching a ball, and “Bamboo Cane”, a 1 1/4″ wide pattern of bamboo for use in small borders or sashings.

Pandas are adored world-wide. Combine vertical and horizontal pandas to make a pictorial border for an Oriental quilt. See the border and sashing stitched out at right. To view the entire Chinese Pandas Quilt go to the Panda-Bamboo pattern.

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