Asian Key w/ 3 Lucky Chinese Symbols



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A simple and clean border is often needed for an oriental quilt.  This one reminded me of the ubiquitous Greek Key so I’ve called it “Asian Key.”  Along with it I’ve added 3 very popular Chinese symbols. SHOU – Long life, LU – Prosperity, & FU – Blessings.  They can be used simply as stitching or “color them in” as I did for a striking appliqué.

You’ll also find a pleasing “Moon Flower” border.  If this design has a familiar look, you may have seen it on a cornice or along the rim of an oriental roof.  I’ve enjoyed such borders all over the Orient, including Korea where I first loved it.  I don’t know if they called it Moon Flower, but I do!

The Asian Key border is 2″ wide and the Moon Flower border is 4″ wide.  The symbols are 10″ in diameter.  Of course if you choose the PDF version you can easily resize them all.


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