Backwoods 11″ Pictogram

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This pattern is 11″ wide & 12′ long with no repeats.

The distinctive feature of a Pictogram is that it’s a pantograph with NO repeats.  It’s a complete 12′ roll comprised of 4 panels of 3′ each, all “hooked” together. I’ve added a dotted line at each 36″ section. While they can be stacked up as shown in the picture, they can also be quilted like an E2E or B2B giving lots of pictorial subject matter to your quilt.

To avoid placing an animal or image on top of itself all the way down the quilt I recommend starting at a different 36″ division for each “pass.” After starting, continue quilting through as many sections as needed for that row. You won’t have to stop – the line is continuous. For a full sized quilt I might make 7-8 rows, starting at various sections of the panto.

“Backwoods” includes the following designs:  Horned Owl, Bobcat, Bighorn Sheep, Elk, Elk Buck, Wolf, Moose (2), Black Bear & cub, Grizzly Bear, Mink, Mountain Lion (Cougar), Mule Deer and Fawn, Fleeing White Tail, White-Tailed Deer & Doe, Pine Trees, Quaking Aspen, Spruce, and Wild Raspberries.  Here’s a video showing this pattern unrolled.

Jodi Damman has shared pictures of some quilts she has made with this pattern.

If you want to save 20% on this pattern, you may purchase it as part of the Backwoods Pine Set or Backwoods Moose Set.

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  1. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Most of my work is lap quilts that go to the Wounded Warriors project, so I’m always looking for masculine themes. This is one of the best! I like to combine it with Campout or Pacific Northwest for no repeats.

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