SANTA around the WORLD SPECIAL SET: BOOKS I & II 12″x12″ Block Pattern

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Save money with this dual set! Book I –  12 folksy Santas based on various European cultures.  Book II – 14 International Santas will remind you that Santa Claus is a “world traveler.”  Mix and match Santas from the countries you love best!

These  OVERSIZED books have full-sized patterns for each figure (9.5″), drawn to fit into a 10 inch block if used by itself.  Each has its own unique “frame” which measures 11.5 inches and will fit into a 12 inch block.  So you can use them in either way-with or without the frame.  Most of the frames are also interchangeable if you prefer one above another.

You’ll love using these blocks in your quilts, pillows, framed pieces, etc.  Drawn in “continuous-line,” they can be stitched on long-arms, domestic machines, or used for hand embroidery.  Comb-bound for ease on the machine table or for tracing.

Book I includes: Albania, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Russia, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States.

Book II includes: Africa, Andes, American Frontier, Argentine Gaucho, Australia, Chile, China,  Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Pennsylvania Dutch, Turkey.

You can buy them separately, but it’s a better “deal” with both.

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