Tree Bones Big 14″ Interlocking


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The BIG 14-inch  size makes it faster and easier to quilt! 

Julie in AK made this bright quilt.  Don’t you love the way the quilting looks stretched on the machine?

As I looked out the window yesterday I saw the fringe of bare trees silhouetted against the sunset sky.  You’ll love the beautiful textural surface as it reaches over your quilt.

In an Elementary Ed class in college I collected poems.  I’ve always loved this one.

Lillian Moore wrote “The Tree on the Corner.” 

I’ve seen

the tree on the corner

in Spring bud

and summer green. 


it was yellow-gold.

Then a cold

wind began to blow.

Now I know– 

you really do not see

a tree

until you see

it’s bones.

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