Quilter’s Fortunes to Print

Click here to download this list to print, cut out and put in your own fortune cookies: Quilters Fortunes

Printable Fortunes- Just for Quilters

Special thanks to Kathy Mathews at chicagonow.com/quilting-sewing-creating for allowing us to use some of her funny ideas from her blog.

You learn from your mistakes. . . You will learn a lot today.
Hard work pays off in the future, laziness pays off now.
 Child with a craft project is in your future.  Hide your good scissors.
The road to poverty is paved in fabric.
Keep your seam ripper handy.
Drunkards Path leads to needle in thumb.
Disappointed? Go eat chocolate chip.
Today is a good day to buy more fabric.  Also thread.  The good stuff.
Good job avoiding making dinner.  Now go home and sew.
You will make a special quilt and be the envy of your guild.
Make your waitress a quilt.
Why are you wasting your time reading fortune?  Go home, make quilt.
Scissors should be sharp, not tongue.
You will live long enough to use up all your fabric.
Measure twice, cut once.  Or buy much fabric.
Be careful to to needle family or friends.