Giant Sunflower Border- 10″ Edge to edge



Have you seen those giant sunflowers– their heads so full and wide they hang over hoping to drop out some of their bounty.   I love the idea of a tall sunflower stalk stretching up through the side border.   10″ x 144″

This special border is multipurpose. The pattern contains a corner if you wish to stitch a border. The main body of the pattern is pictured standing, vertically. Each “repeat” is divided into 2 sections. One contains flowers #1 + 2 and other contains only flower #3.
Use it “as is” for the two sides of your border. The direction of the flowers is reversed every other repeat (3 flowers) so that you might have the 2 sides form a mirror image. For convenience they are numbered 1, 2, 3 and 1r, 2r, 3r.
Across the bottom of your border, you might take a tuck in the pattern to omit flower #3 and use only #1+2 since they have a less vertical orientation.

If you wish to use the panto as an Edge 2 Edge, load your quilt sideways and stitch the vertical panels. Use the little lines which divide the segments to help “line up” the rows. I recommend sliding the pattern down to the next segment before starting the second row to give variety to the stitching arrangement. Slide it further down and you’ll have flowers facing the other way. Just mix it up and have fun.
*Remember if you leave a space, there will be a space. It’s best to align the top line with the next bottom line as you move to additional rows.

A third way to use these Giant Sunflowers is as blocks. They measure 9×10” so you might adjust some petals slightly to make the flowers more square. (Or use the corner which measures 10×10”.) You can use the included “Little Gingham” sashing pattern between blocks.

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