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“QUILTERS” – The Musical!


“Quilters”  Wow!  It was a great performance. Knowing that I was a quilter,  my friend Nancy M. told me about the show just last week.  So, we decided to go.  My husband made reservations and on Friday – Opening night (avoiding the snow forecast for Saturday).   Umm-they had catered snacks for the occasion.

If you’re in the Kansas City area, and like quilting or like frontier history you should see it.  It runs through March 10th, so hurry.

We had never been to the Theatre Lawrence before. I thought the staging was super.  Checking it out, I had seen some clips on You-tube of other “Quilters” productions and I liked the staging of this much better than those I had viewed. Plus, the musical ensemble was delightful. Instruments and unique effects added to the character of the presentation. It was nice that you could see the instrumentalists in the dark depths of the open stage.

But, now to the show – Wonderful!  (Of course, I couldn’t take pics inside.) The voices were strong and beautiful and the acting great, too.  Costuming too, was era perfect.  I was particularly impressed by Susie LeGault.  Could she have been my age (or was it just make-up?) and her voice still strong and vibrant?  Well, let’s face it- I enjoyed the evening immensely.

There were heart-breaking moments which could be expected from life on the plains  which bonded the women of the family together and to their community: The Ladies of the Lutheran Church, or the Ladies of the Methodist…or the Ladies of the Baptist… All the quilts they made over the years which had been collected and offered to bless the lives of those facing tragedy and loss.

In the theater lobby were hung several quilts by members of the local quilt guild (s?) I even found an old quilting friend there who had stitched one of them.  She promised to send me the pattern.  I’ll use it for my hand dyed indigo pieces.  (You’ll recognize it in the pics because it’s blue and white!  Thank you Deb Rowden.)

In the upstairs lobby were 2 antique quilts; a butterfly and a simple red and white.

All in all it was well worth the drive to Lawrence.


Several years ago, I took part in a play about quilters, too.  It was written by Julie Stapley and was so fun to perform for our church ladies.  (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints)

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