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In the Summer there are bugs everywhere—even the computer has bugs! Heehee.  I used “Bug Bites” near the bottom of my “Birchbark” quilt. I imagined they were down in the dirt below the trees.
There are few insects more fascinating to kids then Roly-Polys. (Or maybe you called them pill bugs.) Touch them or even blow on them and they curl up into a little silver ball.
Dragonflies with their metallic wings are sparkling and beautiful as they shimmer in the sun. Cicadas are beautiful too, and I love the sound they make on summer evenings.
Butterflies and Moths are always favorites. Although I’d run after them in our yard as a child my first real appreciation of their beautiful wings came when my brother brought home a glass covered tray from South America inlaid with a collage of beautiful blue wings.
But I’ve know bad bugs* too! In Korea I met Creepy Crawlies—or at least that’s what I called them. They were actually giant feathery centipedes. I slept with a hammer next to my bed in case they’d attack me in the night.
The big Flying Cockroaches in Malaysia were terrifying too. And of course there are those irritating Tomato Worms eating the blossoms in my garden!
For fun, pick your favorite and sew it right into your next quilt—just one or two in an out-of-the-way place. I’m including all the bug drawings I’ve sold over the years. Just size them to fit. Draw your own too—maybe you have a “favorite.”
Modern custom quilting lends itself to spur-of-the-moment bugs. I’ve shown a sketch of ideas for that. Pantographs also have room for bugs. I’ve included a few ideas of how I might stitch them in a panto.
So get dancing! It’s young and whimsical!
Judy Lyon
* Yes, I know they aren’t all classified as bugs.

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