Chinese Porcelain 12″ Edge-to-Edge


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Chinese Porcelain 12″ with 1 3/4″ Porcelain Beading sashing.

This Chinese Porcelain Design was inspired by a vase of the Sung Dynasty.  (Thanks to my Oriental art history book from college.)  The design is equally enjoyable stitched vertically or horizontally.  If you’re doing an Edge to Edge arrangement you can leave out the little beading that is planned for a border.  Just roll and repeat this pattern, but if you desire to offset it I like it shifted 12 inches.

This pattern also makes an elegant wide border.

I’ve always loved oriental things.  Chinese food and Chinatown in LA were among my favorites.  Remember those little “prize balls” with the gold seal and colored bands around them.  You could unwind the long strips of tissue to reveal trinkets, fortunes and the like.  Now after living in Asia my craving for the beauties of the Orient have not been satisfied, they have increased.

I’ve attached a layout plan showing a variety of ways to use patterns from the Chinese Porcelain series. Other coordinating patterns are Chinese Scroll BordersChinese Mums Borders Chinese Applique  and Chinese Medallion Set.  Whew! Save time and money. Get them all in the Chinese Porcelain Set for 20% OFF.

I made two wall-hanging with this pattern.  One shows the corner as stitched in 1/4 of the Chinese Porcelain Quilt.  The other picture shows how I adapted the panto for applique on the Chinese Brocade Quilt.

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