Cottontails 10″ Edge to Edge


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Soft and Cuddly!  These bunnies are perfect for a cozy little baby quilt!  10″ x 140″

My brother Jan asked, “They look so cuddly. How do you come up with these neat ideas?”   I replied, ” Remember all the stories about Eugene raising rabbits and Mom being allergic to them? I loved her stories, didn’t you?”  During the Depression in the 30’s my brother decided to raise rabbits to earn money. Out behind our garage he built rabbit pens. When they were the right size he would butcher them and sell the meat and the skins. (It was sooo soft! Well, I didn’t actually feel them.  I wasn’t actually born yet, but I believe they were!)  Rabbit meat was popular. It was better than horse meat which was also sold in that era. After awhile Mom started having more and more congestion.  Finally she was tested for allergies and rabbit hair was at the top of the list!!

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