Indonesian Puppets 15″ Pictogram


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Indonesian Puppets is 15″ wide with no repeats. It has 2 long panels  and includes the following characters of the Ramayana Story:   Hanoman, Dragon Demon, Shinta, Rahwana, Rama, Golden Deer, Laksmana, and Anggada.

While my husband was in the military, we lived in Southeast Asia and made many friends there.  A few years ago when my husband went back for a visit, a friend sent me some beautiful presents.  I wondered, “How could I ever send something that would be equally cherished?”  Then I hit upon the idea of making a special quilt.  I have some puppets from Indonesia – Wayang Golek (wooden puppets) and decided to draw them and the story they portray, the Ramayana, into the design.  As I sat at my drawing table I remembered our home in Malaysia; the sights and smells of the marketplace, the monkeys that sat on our shoulders in the parks and the wonderful friends I had there.  Making the quilt and the pattern became a gift not only to my friend, but to me as well.  The next year this pattern was very creatively used by Bonnie Bosma to quilt an amazing batik vest, “Indonesian Inspiration.”

Since that time I’ve made 4 more quilts in various colors for other Indonesian officers and their families.  I always add some glittery gold, a favorite Southeast Asian embellishment!

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