Modern Squares 10″ Edge to Edge



Have you been caught up in the modern quilt movement?  All the vivid colors set off by grays and black, and white–they’re fresh and sassy!  Modern Squares is the perfect choice for quilting on those strong geometric shapes.

It’s a variable pattern, too.  Quilt it as is by offsetting the rows.  The large square provides relief from the tightness of the main body of the pattern. The variation it provides also introduces a curved illusion similar to “Storm at Sea.”   Don’t worry, it’s easy to stitch out and looks like custom work.  Remember machines love going straight!

Or if you want it all dense and tightly quilted, make a tuck in the pattern and eliminate the largest square.  I’ve indicated on the pattern where to do that.

Or, if your happen to own the Maori Moko Block set, insert one of the blocks in place of the large square.  I’ll post pictures of all three options.

This pattern is also available as a PDF download.

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Thanks to Barbara Plaster for sending in a picture of her quilt “Picket Corner” quilted with MeadowLyon’s Modern Squares.  It is the white, blue and purple quilt in the gallery.  Love it? You can find the pattern for her quilt here:

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