Backwoods Moose Quilt Pattern


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This quilt is designed to go along with our Backwoods 11″ whole cloth pattern. The Backwoods quilting pattern covers the quilt, and gives a nice view of animals peeking through. The pattern is full-sized.

This quilt is also included in the Backwoods Moose Set #5.

Someone asked about the size of the moose itself:    The full quilt is 58 x 66″

After appliquéing the panel is trimmed to 37 ½” x 45 ½”.   But the Moose pattern is printed to the edge of 36″ paper.  The exact height of the moose with antlers is 43″  So the moose is almost the size of the inner panel.
Do you want to see a video of this quilt?

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