Purple Thistles




“Purple Thistles” reminds me of Scottish kilts and prickly thistles on the hillsides.  In fact when I was a little girl I played on a hill where thistles grew. They are curious flowers. This Interlocking panto is 10 inches wide and rolls straight down with ghost lines and instructions for easy placement.
Some things I learned about them on the web. “‘Scottish Prickly Purple Thistle'” is the national flower of Scotland. The proud and regal plant grows to a height of 5 ft…”
“One legend has it a sleeping party of scots warriors were saved from ambush by an invading Norse army when one of the enemies trod on the spikey plant.  His anguished cry roused the slumbering warriors who duly vanquished the invaders.”  from http://www.visitscotland.com

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