Stoneware Churn 10″ Interlocking



This is a pattern you’ll use again and again.  Turning your quilt around to “see the back” will elicit “oohs and ahhs” from all your friends.

I love the simple designs of American Stoneware.  There’s a warmth and boldness about them that echoes the boldness and strength of the people of the 1800’s.  My Grandmother and Great-grandmother probably used these pieces and so did yours.  Remember the crock of pudding in Anne of Green Gables (the one with the mouse in it)?   It was likely to be just such a pot.  It makes me smile to remember those romantic days of the past.

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Why did I call it “churn?”  Because the design seemed to churn around and around.

                                 What is American Stoneware?

American Stoneware is a specific type of salt glazed pottery that was popular during the late 18th– early 19th centuries.  It has been described as the “tupperware” of the era. The familiar white stoneware crockery was painted with designs of cobalt blue before firing.  Eagles, stylized florals, houses, even Lincoln and his wife were painted in a folk art style on the pots before firing.

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