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Quilting- A Gift and A Blessing

When my family was together recently we made a game of counting and writing down our blessings onto small cards. Then we went back around and each had to pick a blessing to give up, until we had just a handful of the most precious things left. It was a fun exercise and a challenge too!  Would we give up air conditioning before or after our cell phones?  Do we let go of fresh vegetables or soft beds first? What we all agreed on was that we have many things to be grateful for.

One thing I am thankful for is people who have the skills, talents and desire to make beautiful things for others. That includes all of you who put your energy into crafting wonderful quilts. Our lives are filled with so many things, and in the end a quilt is just another material thing.  But the mind that envisions it, the hands that make it, and the heart that sees the need it will fill for another person are precious gifts. And what would life be like without the creative rush and satisfaction that comes from taking simple materials and making them into something beautiful?  A quilt represents so many blessings that I am grateful for!

Thank you for your interest in and enthusiasm for the creative spirit that runs through the patterns at MeadowLyon designs.  I hope this rapidly coming busy holiday season can also be full of moments of gratitude and joy for you and your loved ones.

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