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How to Toplique

All About Topliqué


Now it’s time to decide on which method you’ll want to follow for applying the Topliqué.
Maybe you love to relax doing hand appliqué or maybe that’s too slow for your time allotment.

Hand Topliqué;  Used on Chinese Pandas.

Let’s talk a little about the “How To” of Angela’s method. After quilting your quilt with the design
you’ve chosen, pick out an animal, flower or motif to highlight with topliqué. Simply place a piece of tracing
paper over the stitched image on the quilt and trace it with a pencil. If there is a break in the stitched outline,
you’ll need to estimate where the line would go as if it were a coloring book picture. (Do not trace over the
pantograph pattern itself, because you may have inadvertently varied the line a bit when quilting it. At least I go
off the line a little, or a lot, at times, but you’re probably more perfect in quilting than I am.)

Lay the tracing pencil-side up, on the paper side of freezer paper, pin together, and cut both papers on
the line you have drawn. Discard the tracing paper copy.

Iron the freezer paper copy onto the right side of your appliqué fabric. Cut around the pattern leaving at
least 3/8 inch border. (Note: This is different than traditional freezer paper appliqué in which the freezer paper is
pressed onto the back of the appliqué fabric.)

Now pin the fabric with the paper on top into position over the stitched image. With the freezer paper on
top the fabric is stiffened and the edge can be turned under and appliquéd in place right on the quilted line. At
times you will need to clip corners as you come to them. Because you’ve allowed 3/8” you should have enough to
adjust for fullness in the quilt or stretching of the fabric, etc. Of course you can trim the margin narrower, but only
a little at a time as you go. The “puff” of the quilt may take more to cover than you’ve expected. Sadly, I’ve had
the experience of trimming the edge and then finding I didn’t have enough to cover! Sob and double sob! I had
to pick out and redo one of the Pandas because of that.

Paper won’t be trapped underneath the appliqué. Simply pull the freezer paper off the top when finished.

Machine Topliqué: Used on my Pumpkin Patch Quilt

For years my hands have had a lot of heavy use. They’ve ached from holding the needle or practicing the
piano. The skin has cracked from calluses or harsh chemicals or in younger days, before the insult of backaches,
even gardening. They’ve suffered from paper cuts and thread cuts and finally been assaulted by carpal tunnel
rebellion! As a result, I’m not always keen on hand appliqué.

If you have similar issues, try the machine method. Cut a good sized swatch of the chosen appliqué fabric
and lay it over the motif, thoroughly covering the area of the desired appliqué. Pin it into place around the outer
edge or spray baste with any of the wonderful adhesives on the market. Next, from the back of the quilt, use your
sewing machine to sew with a fine stitch exactly on the original stitching line of the pantograph. (For this
stitching use either the same color thread as used in the quilting or with invisible thread.)

Turn to the front and carefully trim off the excess close to the stitching line. Now, from the front, go over the
line once again with a small satin stitch or blanket stitch.

I used this method on the large Pumpkin Kaleidoscope quilt. (No, not all my quilts are about pumpkins
and cats although I do like bright colors.) I chose images I liked in the border and in the center of the quilt I
added bright splashes of contrasting color on the already bright quilt. Black and white is always an attention
getter. This quilt had the added fun of the satin stitched images decorating the back.  Kids love this. If you don’t want that to show, you’ll have to have a busy backing. Some quilters choose such backings anyway to hide all
manner of sins.

Easier Still:  Used on Turtle Reef

Quilt your quilt with the design you choose.  Of course pictorial designs are my favorites for “Toplique.”   Cut a swatch of the applique fabric.  Press Wonder-Under, Heat-n-Bond,  or similar onto the wrong side.  Next, pin the fabric (right side up) over the image you’ve chosen. STOP – don’t iron it yet!   First turn the quilt over and with your sewing machine stitch through the quilt, exactly on the quilting line of the image you’ve chosen.  There may be a few spots where the pantograph line does not join and you can “fake it.”

After sewing over the line turn the quilt over and carefully cut away the “now bondable fabric” just outside the stitching line.  Lay parchment paper over the image and press in place to “bond it.”  You’re done!!

The Fabric:

Almost any fabric will work, provided it’s not too loosely woven. Angelina film can also be fun to use, or
perhaps velveteen for a furry bunny on a child’s quilt. That will certainly become a favorite “feeling” spot for tiny
hands, so secure it well. Note: If using a sheer fabric for the appliqué, squeeze a fine bead of fabric glue along the
first stitching line before satin stitching over it to avoid fraying.

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Everything I need to know, I learned from a MeadowLyon Quilt!

Love to learn? So do I.

I almost get jealous of the children who to head back to school each fall.

 One reason why I love MeadowLyon Patterns is that they are also educational!   Every petal, every species, every historical scene is drawn accurately, with meticulous attention to detail and after much research.  It just tickles the nerd bone in me! These are smart patterns for quilters of above average intelligence…and the rest of us too!

So how about we head off to school this year, just for fun, and see how much we can learn with our MeadowLyon designs!   Don’t worry about textbooks, at you’ll find brilliant patterns to enlighten any subject.

Swallow those first day jitters and say goodbye to teddy, we are off to school!

Here’s Our Class Schedule:


US Civil War? Ancient Egypt?  American Westward Expansion?  Don’t forget to study! If you don’t learn your history the first time, you are doomed to repeat it!

gettysburg-stackedEgyptian-TutankhamenWestward Ho - Closeup Children Dancing


Hey! Where are you all hopping to? We were going to do dissections today!

Frog Pond cropped


Our teacher is getting out her earmuffs and Advil- that means it is time for music class!



Also known as the class where we can have explosions!  Heart be still!  Who is that dreamy boy who just walked into class?  I think I’ve just found my flame nouveau!

Flame Nouveau pasteupfirecracker pasteup snippet


 You can run, but coach says you can’t hide.  Love it, or hate it, there is no escape.

sports nut close up


Finally! I’m so hungry I could eat an elephant . . . wait, maybe that’s what this gray stuff actually is?

Interlocking ElephantsElephants Border


Putting math right after lunch? Who thought that one up?  Today we will be calculating areas of squares, perimeters, volume and  z   z   z  z . . .

Modern Squares snippet small


Eat more vegetables!  Drink your milk!

Vegetable SoupMoo Cow - Border


To get an A all we need to do is make a wooden napkin holder and keep all 10 fingers.  What’s so hard about  . . . ouch!

workbench pr4eview snippet


Any of you study Mayan in school?  Could you please help me with this translation?

Mayan Glyphs - Closeup


Join the stampede out the door- it’s time to head home!

Your homework assignment: QUILT!

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Our Year In Review, On Sale For You!

I always enjoy reading the top 10 lists that start appearing at this time of year.  My family and I also always write a few of our own, remembering  the best and worst experiences of the past year.

 In that spirit of year-end reflection, I thought I should list MeadowLyon’s top 10 best and worst selling patterns of 2015.  

best worst

Our best selling patterns are also 10% off this January.  If you don’t have these yet, you will surely use them, so why not get them now?

1-star banner cropped edited snippetStar Banner    It is not hard to see why this one is so popular!  All those waving stars and stripes- I love it!

2-Psychedelic pasteup snippet Psychedelic     This pattern is so popular it is hard to keep it in stock.   Go ahead and order it if you like it, I’ll be getting more soon.  

3- Backwoods - CloseupBackwoods    A cozy backwoods quilt, a country cabin, and a roaring fire- I guess I am not the only one who thinks that is the perfect combination.

4-Funny-bones snippetFunny Bones  Yes, quilters do have a sense of humor!

5- ponderosa pine spray 9 SNIPPETPonderosa Pine Spray  One of my favorites too!  It looks great with everything!

6-spinning kokopeli Spinning Kokopelli  This one is so much fun, it’s no wonder so many people love it.

7-cloudy skies preview Cloudy Skies  This pattern is so easy and all-purpose!

8- Modern Squares 1 snippedModern Squares    I love seeing the modern masterpieces quilters create with this pattern.

9- FlowerBurstFlowerburst  This one is featured as the background of our website design.  It is also available as a 15″ pattern and a PDF.

10-maori moko bk 9 Maori Moko  Maori Moko is such a lovely pattern, it is no wonder that it is always a favorite.  It is available in multiple versions to fit any quilt design.

best worst

Of course even our “worst” patterns are still pretty amazing, they just may not appeal to as broad a range of quilters.  Maybe our 30% off sale for these patterns will help them find just the right home and get them off this list for 2016!

1- Indonesian Puppets - CloseupIndonesian Puppets If you love Indonesian Puppets, you will love this pattern.  Maybe more people should love Indonesian Puppets.

2- Didgeridoo-croppedDidgeridoo  If the Didgeridoo was just included in more orchestral scores or used in just a few rock bands I am sure this pattern would be much more popular.

3- Mayan Glyphs - WholeMayan Glyphs  Any of you have any Mayan friends? I bet they would love this pattern!

4-fleur de lis interlok Fleur-de-Lis  Spread the word, the fleur-de-lis is not just for Boy Scouts!  (What, you mean I was the only one that did not know that?)

5- Bengali Mosaic Panel 1Bengali Mosaic  I am sure there is someone out there looking for just this pattern.  If you meet them, please let them know it is here and on sale this month!

6- ski slopes snippetSki Slopes  Maybe not many quilters like to ski?

7- Egyptian PapyrusEgyptian Papyrus  These pretty, modern, and stylistic flowers would work for so many designs, not just in an Egyptian themed quilt.

8- Geisha Garden snippetGeisha Gardens  Doesn’t everybody need at least one Geisha quilt?

9- o canada snippetO Canada  It’s pretty chilly up there in Canada and I bet they need a lot of quilts.   This should be a perfect combination.

10- AnastasiaInterlocking Anastasia  This one is so lovely, I think it just must be overlooked.  You won’t pass it over, will you?


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Quilting- A Gift and A Blessing

When my family was together recently we made a game of counting and writing down our blessings onto small cards. Then we went back around and each had to pick a blessing to give up, until we had just a handful of the most precious things left. It was a fun exercise and a challenge too!  Would we give up air conditioning before or after our cell phones?  Do we let go of fresh vegetables or soft beds first? What we all agreed on was that we have many things to be grateful for.

One thing I am thankful for is people who have the skills, talents and desire to make beautiful things for others. That includes all of you who put your energy into crafting wonderful quilts. Our lives are filled with so many things, and in the end a quilt is just another material thing.  But the mind that envisions it, the hands that make it, and the heart that sees the need it will fill for another person are precious gifts. And what would life be like without the creative rush and satisfaction that comes from taking simple materials and making them into something beautiful?  A quilt represents so many blessings that I am grateful for!

Thank you for your interest in and enthusiasm for the creative spirit that runs through the patterns at MeadowLyon designs.  I hope this rapidly coming busy holiday season can also be full of moments of gratitude and joy for you and your loved ones.

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Notice anything different around here?

It has been long in coming, but we have finally released our redesign of the MeadowLyon site.  We really like it and hope that you do too.  Of course, as with many projects, the more we look at it, the more we find to change!  Here are some features we added that we hope will make the site easier to navigate:

  • Browse by Theme- Are you making a baby quilt? Looking for a border for a Christmas quilt?  Have a t-shirt quilt planned for a sports lover? You can now browse all the patterns we offer by theme. Judy Lyon has been known as “the Queen of the Theme” and you will be sure to find something here that you can get nowhere else!
  • PDF’s- If you are looking for a quilt pattern that you need today, you can go straight to our PDF’s section.
  • See what’s on sale today simply by scrolling down to the bottom of the home page.

We hope to continue to add new features and make more tweaks as we have time.  One feature we have planned is to add a gallery page which will showcase the beautiful quilts that you have made using MeadowLyon patterns. I can’t wait!  We also would love if you would add more reviews to our products.  We love reading them!

Big thanks to my wonderful husband Dave who has stayed up all night getting this done.  Being married to the tech guy has it’s benefits.  What would I do without him?

What do you think of the new site?  Are there any suggestions you have for us of things you would like for us to add (or remove)? Is there something completely broken that has slipped by us? Let us know!


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Fall Is Coming = You Need More Quilts!


MC saleAs Autumn approaches, bears start putting on an extra layer of fat, beavers insulate their dens with mud and foxes grow thick, warm fur.

  I already have an adequate layer of fat, my walls have plenty of dirt on them, and I’d rather wrap up in a new Fall quilt! 

We’ve got our Fall sale up early so all you busy beavers, cuddly bears & foxy ladies have plenty of time to get your amazing Fall quilts done and still enjoy your last days of summer!

free nuts

As always, our Thanksgiving Table Topper Quilt is also available as a free PDF download!

Maple Squirrels Border 5”  (also available as a PDF)

Maple Squirrels

Maple Breezes 11″ & 15″Maple Breezes

 Interlocking Autumn Wind 10″  (Also available as a PDF)

autumn wind pasteup

Interlocking Oak Whispers 11″  & 15″

oak layout

Oak Border 4 1/2″ and 2″ Acorns Border


Pumpkin Patch 8″ (Includes Mouse & Pumpkins Sashing) & 11″

Pumpkin Patch 11

Pumpkin Kaleidoscope Quilt


Thanksgiving Table Topper

thanksgiving panel 4 pilgrims snippet

Jack O’Lanterns with Cat’s eyes  (Also available as a PDF)


Interlocking Tree Bones 11″ & 15″Tree-Bones-1-repeat-of-scan

 Ghostly Feathers

ghostly feathers snippet

Funny-Bones  (also available as a PDF)


Halloween Night  (also available as a PDF)



All theme sets are 20% off the price of the single patterns, but take an additional 20% off during our sale & that’s almost half off the original price!  Wow!

Halloween Set #52

 Halloween Night 10″,  Jack O’Lanterns 8″,  Funny-Bones 10″, Ghostly Feathers 11″

Autumn Set #3

 Maple Breezes 11″, 5″ Maple Squirrels,  11″ Interlocking Oak Whisper and Oak borders with Acorn Sashing.

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Western Roundup

Yee-haw! All our Western themed patterns are marked down for the month of August. Hope you find something you love!

 Mustang Stampede

A stampede of stallions galloping across your quilt- perfect for any horse lover.

Great Plains - MustangsRodeo Kids Pictogram

These kids are having so much fun, how do I join their party?
litle cowpunchers composite for web

 Moo Cow with Rail Fence Border

You’ll be loving this one till the cows come home!
Moo Cow - Border

Cowboy Chaps

If you live in Oklahoma, this is a specialty pattern just for you.  However, any fan of a school with a cowboy mascot should take a look at this one.Okay Fans-5-pistols

Ropin’ Horseshoes Border with Knotty Pine

These two borders will complete the look of your next rootin’ tootin’ project.

Ropin' Horseshoes

Knotty Pine


Rolling Wheat

Don’t know if this rolling wheat smells sweet, but it sure does look beautiful!  
Rolling Wheat pastup snippet


Sunflowers 10″ & 14″

This pattern comes in two sizes, ready to quickly fill your quilt with happy blooms.


Giant Sunflower Border

Add some sunshine to your design. This one can be used as a border, E2E or even blocks.giant sunflower 1 repeat

Westward Ho Pictogram

This pattern is an adventure in itself- take a close look!  Did you notice how wagon wheel spokes are woven through the whole design?  Maybe you even found your own ancestors in the picture- if so, this one is definitely made for you!

(Pictured with Great Plains on the Move Borders)Westward ho layout

Great Plains on the Move (4 borders: Pronghorns, Bison, Mustangs & Covered Wagons)

It takes a lot of steps to get across the plains, these borders want to keep walking around and around and around your quilt.
Great Plains - Covered Wagons

Great Plains - Bison

Modern Southwest

Modern quilters seem to be enthralled with texture, so for this innovative pattern we’ve added a lot of it.  Scattered into the stripes and waves are familiar Southwest icons. modern southwest previewSNIPPET

 Southwest Vistas Pictogram

Happy Trails!  Stitch in the unique beauty of the painted desert with this detailed pictogram.
Southwest Vistas - Whole

 Spiral Suns

Home, home on the Range! Keep those cloudy skies away and let the sun always shine with this texture filled pattern.
Spiral Suns short cropped for web


Do you prefer your snakeskin on the back of a rattler, on the back of your boots, or the back of your quilt?snakeskin revised for web

 Spinning Kokopelli

Don’t miss this fun version of a Southwest icon!spinning kokopeli

 Redd Wagons West Quilt Pattern Set

Redd Wagons West tells the amazing story of my Pioneer heritage.  Proceeds from the sale of this pattern go to the Redd Family Organization research fund.redd composite for website


Lewis & Clark Adventure Book

Stitch the story of the ultimate Western explorers in this set which includes 12 full size medallions and quilt instructions.Lewis & Clark Book


FREEBIE- Covered Wagon Quilt Label

What better way to brand a quilt as your own then with this label!  We’re giving it away for free!covered wagon label

Have you signed up to receive our monthly newsletter yet? If not, you are missing out on some coupons and free stuff!

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Summer Reading and Quilting List- All featured patterns 10% off

Once upon a quilt . . . 

It’s hard not to read a story in MeadowLyon stitching.  I love to read and many of the great MeadowLyon patterns remind me of my favorite books.  The designs are so descriptive and detailed that it is as if they are fabric illustrations of well loved stories.


Have you been craving a lazy summer day spent with a good book- preferably on the beach. . . but you don’t want to give up any time you could be quilting?  Sad you can’t quilt and read at the same time? Solution: audiobooks!  You can get swept away by a story and get your quilting on! (without the sand and sunburn!)

Barnyard Dreams 11″ & Illusion 10″


Pianoforte 11″summer reading & quilting list

Cactus Flower 2 rows of 6.5″


Fiddle Ferns 11″, Fiddle Ferns 14″ & Dawgs 11″ Pictogram


Whale of a Tail 5 1/2″ Border


Fleur-de-Lis Border and Corner  &   Interlocking Fleur-de-Lis 11″


O Canada- Flying Free 11″


Scottish Paisley 10″


Nor’ Easter 11″ Pictogram

summer reading & quilting list

Egyptian Mystique Borders, Egyptian Papyrus 10″

Pharaoh’s Collar 11″


Chintz 10″ , Chintz & India Borders and corners


Cherry Blossoms 10″


Salty Seas 8″ BorderSlide11Car Classics PictogramSlide2

Poppy Stripe 10″, Tornado 10″, High Heels 11″


This one is up to you.  What classic book do these three patterns remind you of?

Do you have a favorite MeadowLyon pattern and book combination?  Let me know in a reply and I might add it to our Summer Reading and Quilting List and it will be 10% off this month.


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FREE SHIPPING with Patriotic Pattern and $40 minimum purchase

June- patriotic1
June- patriotic
Every quilter needs some of these patterns to make The Great American Quilt. 

Jump on this offer before the parade passes by!

*We also love our international friends!  They can receive a similar discount of $6 off their $40 minimum purchase (which includes a patriotic pattern) by using the coupon code: USA2

Participating Patterns include:

Americana Birds 6″ Border/E2E with sashings and corners
americana birds  snippet

Liberty Birds  8″ Border/E2E with sashings and cornersliberty birds 1 repeat w corner & sash snippet erased lines

American Stripe 5″ BorderAmerican Stripe 5 inch snippet

Americana Flying AngelAmericana Flying Angel(1) snippet

Eagle Americana  10″ or PDFeagle-americana-one-repeat-reduced

Star Banner 10″ or PDFstar banner cropped edited snippet

Americana Flourish 10″ E2E or PDFamericana flourish cropped snipped

America’s Pride 11″
americas pride panel 2 cropped snippet washington
America’s Pride 8″ Blocks  or PDFAmerica's Pride Block - APB - Collection of 12

Star Struck 5.5″ Border

Star Struck 11″ E2Estarstruck 11 snippet

G I Firepower 10″ E2EGI Firepower G I Patrol 11″ PictogramGI patrol

Gettysburg 11″ Pictogram

Firecrackerfirecracker pasteup snippet

 Starry Night 8″ or 4.5″ or PDFStarry Night - Border

 Also includes:

American Set

GI Firepower Set

American Stoneware Set

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Enjoy an outdoor adventure- from the comfort of your own sewing room!


Relive your favorite memories of the great outdoors as you stitch up your next quilt using one of MeadowLyon’s woodland designs!



Lewis & Clark Book

Lewis & Clark Adventure Book

Now in an easy to use 12″x 12″ book format, featuring 12 full size stitching medallions and Lewis and Clark Trails Quilt instructions.

Special introductory price of $19 (regular price $22) This May marks the 211th  anniversary of the “Corps of Discovery” Expedition. Celebrate by following along the Lewis and Clark Trail with these patterns!

  Click here to get a free PDF copy of Sacagawea.

MeadowLyon Pictograms pack tons of story into your stitching! Get used to hearing “I didn’t even notice that before!” and seeing their smiles every time they find something new in your quilt.

Campout 11″ Pictogram

I love this pattern!  Doesn’t it spark memories of our favorite camping disasters?  Sister is moments away from getting sprayed by a skunk, bears have helped themselves to the food (hung from the tree to keep them safe of course), Mom is going to get quite a surprise as she rows right up to a swimming moose, Dad is inches away from a bee sting, snakes slither and poison ivy abounds! Does this sound like any of your camping trips?

Campout - Pattern

My family just took an overnight camping trip to Roman Nose State Park in Oklahoma.  We are definitely not experts!  (Confession: we always watch a movie on a tablet in our tent at night.)  This time, our near disaster was having a cooler full of food, four hungry kids and then realizing at dinner time that the firewood we brought had the words “not for cooking” on the bag!  Luckily, Dad, our hero, saved the day by hunting down some wood from a farm nearby (what happened to the days when the woods were actually filled with wood you could use?)  We were happily chomping on s’mores by dusk.  What kind of camping disasters have you had? I would love to read about them! Tell your story in the comments section below!

Backwoods 11″ Pictogram

Each animal and plant in this pictogram has been realistically and accurately depicted in this beautiful nature scene.  It is such a lovely work of art that it is shocking to remember it is all made from one continuous line!  This popular pattern is a favorite among outdoorsmen (and women).

backwoods stacked scanned


Pacific Northwest 11″ Pictogram

I love the fern rich undergrowth of the Northern Pacific Forests.  Maybe I expect a leprechaun or two.  What I know I will find is pine scented scenery filled with salmon, bears, eagles, elk, wolves, foxes and even owls.  What’s that?  Do I hear a woodpecker knocking at that tree?  There are even some Totem poles nestled in the forests.

If you love the Northwest, you’ll love this pattern.

pacific northwest stacked w title


Birchbark 10″

Birchbark looks amazing quilted out and it hardly matters if you make a mistake, because it’s all wriggly anyway. It can be used as a Border or a vertical  E2E.   It comes with a 3” border of Canoes – birchbark of course.

Birchbark snippet reduced


Totem 6″

This is a perfect companion to the Pacific Northwest Pictogram.  The right borders and sashings really customize the look of your quilt.  This set includes totem borders, totem sashings, Haida canoes, and an orca border.

totem grouping for basket


Riverflow 10″

Riverflow is a really easy pantograph for the quilts that need to be finished up in a hurry.  Of course, it needs to be interesting to pass my test.  I think this one does and I know it will become one of your “go to” patterns for a variety of projects!

riverflow pasteup


Fish Tales with Fish Bait Sashing 3 1/2″ Border Pattern

Did your Dad take the family on fishing trips when you were a kid?  Being from Minnesota, my Dad was a big fan of boating and fishing.  Truthfully, there’s no better way to eat fresh fish than cooked over a campfire!

Fish Tales Border

Clear Stream

I remember one spring our family went to the Ozarks.  We camped alongside a beautiful stream that was as clear as glass.  It was a delight to walk out over the smooth stones and look straight down to the bottom.  I hope you’ve had an experience like that too.  If you haven’t, try an Ozark vacation!



Ponderosa Pine Spray  9″ Edge to Edge Pantograph

Ponderosa Pine Spray 9″ is one of our most popular patterns.  Whether you’re  the out-doorsy type or filled with holiday thoughts, or recalling great family vacations,  Pine boughs just about have to be part of the picture.  You’ll find lots of uses for this pattern.

ponderosa pine spray 9 SNIPPET


Ponderosa Pine Spray 15″

Here is a fast and quick covering version of our most popular pattern.

ponderosa pine spray snippet 15


Ponderosa Pine Cone Border 4.5″

I may have used this little pattern more than any other.  A sprinkling of pine goes so well with so many other patterns!

ponderosa pinecone 4.5  cropped


Owlets 10″ Edge to Edge Pantograph

Owls are so popular right now.  The little ones are cute bits of fluff.  Our baby grandson’s carseat is newly covered with the cute little birds and so are fabrics and decorator items galore.  Everyone just has to have owls!

Owlets snippet


Rustic Santas: Northwoods & Yosemite

You’ll have lots of fun with these 2 great images of Santa! This unique dual pattern gives you lots of variety and fun.  Let them spin around the border of a special, woodsy Christmas quilt.  I love the rustic backwoods look for the holidays.

Don’t you wish you could stay in the woods for Christmas?  Sheltered in a cozy cabin with a roaring fire, while being “snowed in” high in the Sierras or the Alleghenys, has always been a romantic dream of mine.

Rustic Santas - Yosemite santa




We have a limited supply of these printed block pattern sets left.  However, after they are gone you will still be able to purchase these patterns as PDF’s.

Antlers and Horns 8″ Blocks

Antlers and Horns Block - ACAHB - Collection of 12

Campout 8″ Blocks

Campout Block - COB - Collection of 12

Backwoods 8″ Blocks

Backwoods Block - BWB - Collection of 12


Backwoods Pine Quilt Pattern PDF

Backwoods Moose Quilt Pattern

backwoods Moose quilt


Finally, no campout would be complete without bug bites and swamp critters!  Pick up as many as you want for free!

No itching, guaranteed!



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Giveaway Contest Winner

Congratulations to Suzanne Neumann for her winning caption submission!


Thanks for all your responses.  It was really hard to pick a winner- so many of them rang true!  It seems like many of you are very familiar with the feeling in the picture!  Suzanne will be getting a free pattern of her choice.   While I’m at it, I will also be sending everyone who entered the contest a special coupon as a consolation prize and thanks for sending in your ideas!


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April Sale and Giveaway Contest – 20% Off All Modern Designs

What would your Grandmother say if she could see you now, quilting modern pantographs on your long arm machine?



 Everywhere you look these days you see fabulous modern quilts-  quilts your Grandmother would never have dreamed of!  It’s all fun and bright, textural and geometric. . . and hard to resist!  You’ve got to have our trendy pantos to stitch up all those wonderful modern quilts!  So go ahead and put a modern spin on your creativity.

  Let’s amaze Grandma and make her proud!


20% off all “MODERNS” in APRIL.


Now is the best time ever to stock up on these versatile designs!


Take an additional 20% these already discounted sets:

(you’ll save over $15!)

NEW MODERN SET #56Includes Jitterbug 11″, Modern Squares, Illusions

Jitterbug 11Modern Squares snippet smallIllusion 1 square

MODERN TEXTURES SET #57:   Includes Snakeskin, Tornado, Coils                                             snakeskin revised snippettornado snippetcoils pasteup

MAORI MOKO SET #42:   Includes Maori Moko, Maori Moko Borders, Maori Moko Blocks    maori-moko-interlocking-snippetmaori moko border 4 webmaori border cornermaori moko bk 9


 Snakeskin   10 inch

Here’s a panto uniquely designed for modern quilts.  Undoubtedly, if you are quilting for customers you are receiving “Modern” quilts.  Most pictures show them custom quilted, but time and expense don’t always allow for that.  I’m excited about my “SNAKESKIN.”  It provides that texture geometric quilts want and can be used for other quilts too.  Don’t be put off by the name, it’s not creepy at all!

snakeskin revised snippet

Zig Zag  11 inch

Chevrons are popping up everywhere these days!  This is definitely a hot design right now, it adds a trendy, youthful vibe to a modern design quilt.  Teens will love it!  You will love how quickly this easy pattern will finish your project!

zig zag pasteup resized

Coils  11 inch

Wow!  Coils, curls and stripes for a modern look. This is a perfect panto for those special fractal quilts.  They’ll brighten and compliment the wide open negative spaces and accent positive designs, too.

coils pasteup

Modern Squares  11 inch

 Modern Squares is the perfect choice for quilting on those strong geometric shapes that many modern quilts have.   Don’t worry, it’s easy to stitch out and looks like custom work.  Remember, machines love going straight!

Flame Nouveau  11″

This panto is hot! It makes the most wonderful texture and it’s versatile enough for traditional pieced quilts and interesting for those with open areas too.

Flame Nouveau pasteup

Flowerburst  10 inch  & Flowerburst 15 inch

A cross between fireworks and flowers, this panto will add a punch to your quilt.   This is a must for quick quilting that offers great texture.


High Heels  11 inch

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes! Trendy fashionistas can’t get enough of them!  Let these heels walk all over your quilt for a ton of modern, whimsical fun!


Clear Stream  11″

Here’s another innovative pattern with modern textural appeal. Try it. You’ll like it!   The pattern, as it drifts across the quilted surface, will give a dark and light effect.  Feel free to leave out the fish, and you have a very abstract modern design that will add organic movement and complement any theme.

Clear Stream cropped reduced snippet

Jitterbug 15 inch

Wow-  Spinning and swinging with the vibes. This will look great dancing across your modern quilt!

Jitterbug  11″  

Jitterbug 11

Modern Skylines   11 inch

Do you have a quilt with a cosmopolitan edge?  You’ll need this panto for a great metro look on your Ultra Current Quilt.

modern skylines 1 section snippet

Maori Moko 15  inch

Maori Moko may be a traditional New Zealand design, but it has a very edgy feel.  You’ll see it adding style everywhere in street art, tattoos, and fashion.  The swirls have classic beauty, but will still add a contemporary look to your quilt- the best of both worlds!


Maori Moko borders   8″

maori moko border 4 web

Maori Moko Blocks 10″

maori cover fixed

Kimono Stripe  11 inch  

Just the right mix of contemporary and classic here, for those of us who love both (and find it hard to choose!)

Kimono Stripe snippet

Modern Southwest   11 inch

Modern quilters seem to be enthralled with texture, so for this innovative pattern I’ve added a lot of it.  Scattered into the stripes and waves are familiar Southwest icons.

modern southwest previewSNIPPET

Wallaby Weave  11″

No worries about keeping your lines straight here!  Wobbles are encouraged! They give a natural, organic feel to this pattern that is so uniquely non-traditional!

Billabong Weave scan cropped reduced

Billabong Creek 11″

Billabong Creek scan cropped reduced


Bugs in your bed- not good.  Bugs on your quilt- love it!   Have you snapped this one up yet?  You’ll never know when you want to add that unexpected little bug in your stitching!


Mosaic   8 inch

Do you see a stained glass window?  Inlaid tile floor? I also see wheels, cogs and gears.  Whatever it is, the geometric elements in this pattern “works” for modern quilts!

mosaic pasteup snippet

Nature’s Rhythms  2.5 inch

Here’s a secret to great design: When planning the layout for stitching patterns and borders these geometric patterns help define space between the more organic designs.   Be sure to include them in your quilts!

nature's rhythms

Zebra Stripes 10″ inch

There’s nothing quite so iconic when it comes to animal skin as Zebra.  As it plays across your quilt it will add a wonderful texture and just the right hint of tribal rhythm.

Pharaoh’s Collar 11 inch

Gotta love these geometric patterns!  This pattern is reminiscent of a traditional fan frill, but updated.  It will look great on your modern creation!

pharoah's collar snippet

Bengali Mosaic  14 inch

From far away you just see loads of modern texture, but look more closely and you’ll discover the exotic vibe.  This one is definitely not conventional!

Bengali Mosaic Panel 1

Illusion 11 inch

This pattern catches your eye and doesn’t let it go!  It will add the same mesmerizing visual and textural interest to your quilt!

Spiral Suns   11 inch

These spinning spirals remind me of a HOT Day!  Although I planned this to compliment both traditionally pieced and modern quilts, it would also look great with a Southwest theme.  I hope you’ll agree it’s a fun pattern.


Tornado 11 inch

This pattern adds loads of twisting texture to your modern or traditional quilts.  Try it with a minkie backing for fun visual candy and irresistible hand-rubbing!  It’s almost, dare I say, voluptuous.

tornado snippet


 April Giveaway Contest

I had so many laughs imagining what our Grandmas would say that I wanted to share the fun with you.  Write a caption the following photo and post your idea in the comments section at the very bottom of this page. The winner (chosen by number of giggles produced, or by random if I can’t decide) will receive a free pattern of their choice!
The contest ends on April 30, 2015.  Good Luck!


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Nothing Says Love Like A Quilt!

Hello everyone! My name is Melissa Lyon and I am Judy Lyon’s Daughter-in-law.  I will be taking care of MeadowLyon Designs for the next two years while Judy is serving as a missionary in Thailand.

I have been blessed to have two marvelous quilters in my life, my mother, Christina Fife, and my mother-in-law, Judy Lyon.

Nativity Quilt No Border

I can truly say my family is rich with quilts! I treasure the handmade quilts that my family has received.  This past Christmas, Judy made our family an heirloom Christmas Quilt using her Joyful Birth Pictogram.  (She also made one for each of her other 8 children- she was busy this year!)  It is a wonderful expression of her love and her faith.


My mother also has given me quilts at important times in my life.  She made a beautiful quilt for me when I first left home, one when I was married, and a quilt at the arrival of each grandchild.

I know it can take hundreds of hours to make a quilt.  I also know that both Judy and my mother are busy working women, with limited time, many responsibilities, and also arthritic hands and aching feet.  I watched my mother one day as she was painfully hand stitching on a large quilt she was making for my brother and felt a twinge of guilt at her sacrifice.

So asked her why she did it.   Why would she spend such time and effort to make a quilt when it would definitely be easier, faster and cheaper to buy a lovely comforter at the store?  Then she explained, as she works on each quilt, she thinks of the person she is making it for.  She puts all her love, worries, hopes and prayers for that person into the hours she spends with the fabric.   Especially when the recipient is no longer close by, time working on their quilt can feel like time spent with them.   A quilt is more than a lovely blanket, but a gift of love.

Now when I snuggle into a quilt that was made by someone I love, my mind also turns to the hands and heart that made it.  I am happy to be a part of MeadowLyon Designs, a place where love can be translated into fabric and used to warm hearts!


Judy Lyon & Melissa Lyon

January 2015

hearts image credit: love love by tomatokisses