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April Sale and Giveaway Contest – 20% Off All Modern Designs

What would your Grandmother say if she could see you now, quilting modern pantographs on your long arm machine?



 Everywhere you look these days you see fabulous modern quilts-  quilts your Grandmother would never have dreamed of!  It’s all fun and bright, textural and geometric. . . and hard to resist!  You’ve got to have our trendy pantos to stitch up all those wonderful modern quilts!  So go ahead and put a modern spin on your creativity.

  Let’s amaze Grandma and make her proud!


20% off all “MODERNS” in APRIL.


Now is the best time ever to stock up on these versatile designs!


Take an additional 20% these already discounted sets:

(you’ll save over $15!)

NEW MODERN SET #56Includes Jitterbug 11″, Modern Squares, Illusions

Jitterbug 11Modern Squares snippet smallIllusion 1 square

MODERN TEXTURES SET #57:   Includes Snakeskin, Tornado, Coils                                             snakeskin revised snippettornado snippetcoils pasteup

MAORI MOKO SET #42:   Includes Maori Moko, Maori Moko Borders, Maori Moko Blocks    maori-moko-interlocking-snippetmaori moko border 4 webmaori border cornermaori moko bk 9


 Snakeskin   10 inch

Here’s a panto uniquely designed for modern quilts.  Undoubtedly, if you are quilting for customers you are receiving “Modern” quilts.  Most pictures show them custom quilted, but time and expense don’t always allow for that.  I’m excited about my “SNAKESKIN.”  It provides that texture geometric quilts want and can be used for other quilts too.  Don’t be put off by the name, it’s not creepy at all!

snakeskin revised snippet

Zig Zag  11 inch

Chevrons are popping up everywhere these days!  This is definitely a hot design right now, it adds a trendy, youthful vibe to a modern design quilt.  Teens will love it!  You will love how quickly this easy pattern will finish your project!

zig zag pasteup resized

Coils  11 inch

Wow!  Coils, curls and stripes for a modern look. This is a perfect panto for those special fractal quilts.  They’ll brighten and compliment the wide open negative spaces and accent positive designs, too.

coils pasteup

Modern Squares  11 inch

 Modern Squares is the perfect choice for quilting on those strong geometric shapes that many modern quilts have.   Don’t worry, it’s easy to stitch out and looks like custom work.  Remember, machines love going straight!

Flame Nouveau  11″

This panto is hot! It makes the most wonderful texture and it’s versatile enough for traditional pieced quilts and interesting for those with open areas too.

Flame Nouveau pasteup

Flowerburst  10 inch  & Flowerburst 15 inch

A cross between fireworks and flowers, this panto will add a punch to your quilt.   This is a must for quick quilting that offers great texture.


High Heels  11 inch

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes! Trendy fashionistas can’t get enough of them!  Let these heels walk all over your quilt for a ton of modern, whimsical fun!


Clear Stream  11″

Here’s another innovative pattern with modern textural appeal. Try it. You’ll like it!   The pattern, as it drifts across the quilted surface, will give a dark and light effect.  Feel free to leave out the fish, and you have a very abstract modern design that will add organic movement and complement any theme.

Clear Stream cropped reduced snippet

Jitterbug 15 inch

Wow-  Spinning and swinging with the vibes. This will look great dancing across your modern quilt!

Jitterbug  11″  

Jitterbug 11

Modern Skylines   11 inch

Do you have a quilt with a cosmopolitan edge?  You’ll need this panto for a great metro look on your Ultra Current Quilt.

modern skylines 1 section snippet

Maori Moko 15  inch

Maori Moko may be a traditional New Zealand design, but it has a very edgy feel.  You’ll see it adding style everywhere in street art, tattoos, and fashion.  The swirls have classic beauty, but will still add a contemporary look to your quilt- the best of both worlds!


Maori Moko borders   8″

maori moko border 4 web

Maori Moko Blocks 10″

maori cover fixed

Kimono Stripe  11 inch  

Just the right mix of contemporary and classic here, for those of us who love both (and find it hard to choose!)

Kimono Stripe snippet

Modern Southwest   11 inch

Modern quilters seem to be enthralled with texture, so for this innovative pattern I’ve added a lot of it.  Scattered into the stripes and waves are familiar Southwest icons.

modern southwest previewSNIPPET

Wallaby Weave  11″

No worries about keeping your lines straight here!  Wobbles are encouraged! They give a natural, organic feel to this pattern that is so uniquely non-traditional!

Billabong Weave scan cropped reduced

Billabong Creek 11″

Billabong Creek scan cropped reduced


Bugs in your bed- not good.  Bugs on your quilt- love it!   Have you snapped this one up yet?  You’ll never know when you want to add that unexpected little bug in your stitching!


Mosaic   8 inch

Do you see a stained glass window?  Inlaid tile floor? I also see wheels, cogs and gears.  Whatever it is, the geometric elements in this pattern “works” for modern quilts!

mosaic pasteup snippet

Nature’s Rhythms  2.5 inch

Here’s a secret to great design: When planning the layout for stitching patterns and borders these geometric patterns help define space between the more organic designs.   Be sure to include them in your quilts!

nature's rhythms

Zebra Stripes 10″ inch

There’s nothing quite so iconic when it comes to animal skin as Zebra.  As it plays across your quilt it will add a wonderful texture and just the right hint of tribal rhythm.

Pharaoh’s Collar 11 inch

Gotta love these geometric patterns!  This pattern is reminiscent of a traditional fan frill, but updated.  It will look great on your modern creation!

pharoah's collar snippet

Bengali Mosaic  14 inch

From far away you just see loads of modern texture, but look more closely and you’ll discover the exotic vibe.  This one is definitely not conventional!

Bengali Mosaic Panel 1

Illusion 11 inch

This pattern catches your eye and doesn’t let it go!  It will add the same mesmerizing visual and textural interest to your quilt!

Spiral Suns   11 inch

These spinning spirals remind me of a HOT Day!  Although I planned this to compliment both traditionally pieced and modern quilts, it would also look great with a Southwest theme.  I hope you’ll agree it’s a fun pattern.


Tornado 11 inch

This pattern adds loads of twisting texture to your modern or traditional quilts.  Try it with a minkie backing for fun visual candy and irresistible hand-rubbing!  It’s almost, dare I say, voluptuous.

tornado snippet


 April Giveaway Contest

I had so many laughs imagining what our Grandmas would say that I wanted to share the fun with you.  Write a caption the following photo and post your idea in the comments section at the very bottom of this page. The winner (chosen by number of giggles produced, or by random if I can’t decide) will receive a free pattern of their choice!
The contest ends on April 30, 2015.  Good Luck!


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