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Love is in the Air- 10% off selected patterns

wedding bells

Spring is such a beautiful time of year.  The sky is blue and sunny.  Flowers are blooming everywhere (even in our lawns).  God is spreading a beautifully colored quilt over the whole earth.  Why wouldn’t our hearts thrill with the excitement of love and happiness?  It’s in the air!

10% OFF – Enjoy some of our favorite floral pantos as well as a NEW enlarged version of an old favorite.

Fiddle Ferns – now in a 14″ size.Fiddle Ferns

Floral Wedding Setrose whole cloth layout ideas

Sets are normally 20% the off price of individual patterns, but ADD ANOTHER 10% OFF!

(This set includes 3 patterns.  Specify which 3 you want: Wedding Bell Swag 15” border, “Floral Medallion” whole cloth centerpiece, Rosebud Striped Border 6” w/ Little Red Rose 4”, Red, Red Rose 8” border, Floribunda Bouquet 11” or 15”, Wedding Day 11” pictogram, Little Ferns 4” border, Fiddle Ferns 11” panto.)  

Floribunda Bouquet 11″15″Floribunda Bouquet Rosy Feathers 11″ + 15″Rosy Feathers best snippet

Calla Lily 8″ + 11″Calla Lily BorderFiddle Ferns 11″+ 14″Fiddle Ferns

Wedding Doves 11″Wedding Doves snippetRosebud Striped Border 6″Rosebud Striped - Border

Wedding Day 11″PictogramWedding Day - Closeup Red, Red Rose 8″Red Rose Corner - Border

Wedding Bell Swag 15″Wedding Bell Swag - Border

Floral Medallion 14″floral-medallion-stacked Pysanki Flower 11″Pysanki flower for web

Chintz 10″chintz pasteup resized  Chintz Borderchintz + india borders SNIPPET

Daffodilly 9″ + 14″  daffodilly preview jpg snippet Little Ferns 4″Little Ferns - Border

Tulip Tango 2 rows 8.5″tulip tango for webTulip Border/E2E 6.5″Tulip Border -birdseye view

Cherry Blossoms 10cherry blossomsPoppy Stripe 10″poppy stripe



Not in a romantic mood?

For those of us still waiting for that perfect catch, it’s always good to remember there are other fish in the sea!

Let’s put a smile on your sad face with 10% off Fishy Business Pictogram 15″ or 11″.

fishy business 15 inch stacked


Sale prices good March 1-31 


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