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Everything I need to know, I learned from a MeadowLyon Quilt!

Love to learn? So do I.

I almost get jealous of the children who to head back to school each fall.

 One reason why I love MeadowLyon Patterns is that they are also educational!   Every petal, every species, every historical scene is drawn accurately, with meticulous attention to detail and after much research.  It just tickles the nerd bone in me! These are smart patterns for quilters of above average intelligence…and the rest of us too!

So how about we head off to school this year, just for fun, and see how much we can learn with our MeadowLyon designs!   Don’t worry about textbooks, at you’ll find brilliant patterns to enlighten any subject.

Swallow those first day jitters and say goodbye to teddy, we are off to school!

Here’s Our Class Schedule:


US Civil War? Ancient Egypt?  American Westward Expansion?  Don’t forget to study! If you don’t learn your history the first time, you are doomed to repeat it!

gettysburg-stackedEgyptian-TutankhamenWestward Ho - Closeup Children Dancing


Hey! Where are you all hopping to? We were going to do dissections today!

Frog Pond cropped


Our teacher is getting out her earmuffs and Advil- that means it is time for music class!



Also known as the class where we can have explosions!  Heart be still!  Who is that dreamy boy who just walked into class?  I think I’ve just found my flame nouveau!

Flame Nouveau pasteupfirecracker pasteup snippet


 You can run, but coach says you can’t hide.  Love it, or hate it, there is no escape.

sports nut close up


Finally! I’m so hungry I could eat an elephant . . . wait, maybe that’s what this gray stuff actually is?

Interlocking ElephantsElephants Border


Putting math right after lunch? Who thought that one up?  Today we will be calculating areas of squares, perimeters, volume and  z   z   z  z . . .

Modern Squares snippet small


Eat more vegetables!  Drink your milk!

Vegetable SoupMoo Cow - Border


To get an A all we need to do is make a wooden napkin holder and keep all 10 fingers.  What’s so hard about  . . . ouch!

workbench pr4eview snippet


Any of you study Mayan in school?  Could you please help me with this translation?

Mayan Glyphs - Closeup


Join the stampede out the door- it’s time to head home!

Your homework assignment: QUILT!

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