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Summer Reading and Quilting List- All featured patterns 10% off

Once upon a quilt . . . 

It’s hard not to read a story in MeadowLyon stitching.  I love to read and many of the great MeadowLyon patterns remind me of my favorite books.  The designs are so descriptive and detailed that it is as if they are fabric illustrations of well loved stories.


Have you been craving a lazy summer day spent with a good book- preferably on the beach. . . but you don’t want to give up any time you could be quilting?  Sad you can’t quilt and read at the same time? Solution: audiobooks!  You can get swept away by a story and get your quilting on! (without the sand and sunburn!)

Barnyard Dreams 11″ & Illusion 10″


Pianoforte 11″summer reading & quilting list

Cactus Flower 2 rows of 6.5″


Fiddle Ferns 11″, Fiddle Ferns 14″ & Dawgs 11″ Pictogram


Whale of a Tail 5 1/2″ Border


Fleur-de-Lis Border and Corner  &   Interlocking Fleur-de-Lis 11″


O Canada- Flying Free 11″


Scottish Paisley 10″


Nor’ Easter 11″ Pictogram

summer reading & quilting list

Egyptian Mystique Borders, Egyptian Papyrus 10″

Pharaoh’s Collar 11″


Chintz 10″ , Chintz & India Borders and corners


Cherry Blossoms 10″


Salty Seas 8″ BorderSlide11Car Classics PictogramSlide2

Poppy Stripe 10″, Tornado 10″, High Heels 11″


This one is up to you.  What classic book do these three patterns remind you of?

Do you have a favorite MeadowLyon pattern and book combination?  Let me know in a reply and I might add it to our Summer Reading and Quilting List and it will be 10% off this month.


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