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Fall Is Coming = You Need More Quilts!


MC saleAs Autumn approaches, bears start putting on an extra layer of fat, beavers insulate their dens with mud and foxes grow thick, warm fur.

  I already have an adequate layer of fat, my walls have plenty of dirt on them, and I’d rather wrap up in a new Fall quilt! 

We’ve got our Fall sale up early so all you busy beavers, cuddly bears & foxy ladies have plenty of time to get your amazing Fall quilts done and still enjoy your last days of summer!

free nuts

As always, our Thanksgiving Table Topper Quilt is also available as a free PDF download!

Maple Squirrels Border 5”  (also available as a PDF)

Maple Squirrels

Maple Breezes 11″ & 15″Maple Breezes

 Interlocking Autumn Wind 10″  (Also available as a PDF)

autumn wind pasteup

Interlocking Oak Whispers 11″  & 15″

oak layout

Oak Border 4 1/2″ and 2″ Acorns Border


Pumpkin Patch 8″ (Includes Mouse & Pumpkins Sashing) & 11″

Pumpkin Patch 11

Pumpkin Kaleidoscope Quilt


Thanksgiving Table Topper

thanksgiving panel 4 pilgrims snippet

Jack O’Lanterns with Cat’s eyes  (Also available as a PDF)


Interlocking Tree Bones 11″ & 15″Tree-Bones-1-repeat-of-scan

 Ghostly Feathers

ghostly feathers snippet

Funny-Bones  (also available as a PDF)


Halloween Night  (also available as a PDF)



All theme sets are 20% off the price of the single patterns, but take an additional 20% off during our sale & that’s almost half off the original price!  Wow!

Halloween Set #52

 Halloween Night 10″,  Jack O’Lanterns 8″,  Funny-Bones 10″, Ghostly Feathers 11″

Autumn Set #3

 Maple Breezes 11″, 5″ Maple Squirrels,  11″ Interlocking Oak Whisper and Oak borders with Acorn Sashing.

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