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Lining Up MeadowLyon Patterns on Intelliquilter

I do not have IQ so I can’t tell you in Intelliquilter terms, but Linda Lawson has a video about lining up my Pictogram Patterns and you will find some excellent tips in that video. You can see it on Longarm Chat.

Click on the title to read some  “nitty gritty” information that may help as you plan the layout on your screen.

Background information for Pictograms:
1.  Each panel was originally drawn at 11″ x 36.”  Depending on what size you are going to make it, you’ll need to adjust the following information accordingly.

2.  All our patterns have a 3″ registration system. That means, if you had the hard copy, you could slide each ensuing paper panel to the right or left in increments of 3″ ( eg. 6″, 9″, 12″ etc.) and they will still “fit” together.

3.  With this registration system the stitching line reaches up to the top line every 3 inches. (If it isn’t visible, imagine a line across the top).

4.  The stitching line reaches down to the bottom line every other 3 inches. (Imagine a line across the bottom.)

5.  MeadowLyon Pictograms are not designed to interlock, they just come up or down to the line.  It gives the effect of interlocking, but does not cross the line!

6.  Yes, you can put each panel right on top of itself and it will work.  But, you probably won’t want the panel to be placed exactly above itself or the animals and other motifs will be on top of themselves.

7.  I recommend choosing the second or third panel to begin the second row.  Make sure the “up” points fall between the “down” points. (You’ll probably put the second row on the    screen and simply move it to where it looks good and nothing touches where it shouldn’t.)

As you look at previews of our Pictograms on this website, you will see the ups and downs clearly. For example,  in the “Backwoods” pattern you’ll notice some mountain peaks, etc. that go up to the top line and see the spaces above them.  Then you’ll see feet of animals or etc. coming down to the bottom line and notice space beneath them on the next panel.  With each row simply slide the panels to where the peaks come up under a space or etc. But do not try to interlock, or cross the line.  It’s not necessary and may cause overlapping.

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