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Instructional Slides for Lining-up Pattern Rows

instruction for lining up pattern slides

Seeing is understanding.  CLICK ON THE LINK ABOVE.   View these slides to see how to align rows of MeadowLyon patterns.  It’s so easy once you know how!




4 thoughts on “Instructional Slides for Lining-up Pattern Rows

  1. Your instructional guide for lining up patterns slide show is blank. I cannot view any instructions. I have purchased the Dragons Galore 11″ and unable to line up the correct line. Do I just set the needle 3″, 2″, or 1″ from the last image line row? Am I limited to 36″ width or how do you expand for a quilt that is 45″? A reply would be appreciated. Mgr

  2. Dear Mary,
    I’m sorry to be so tardy getting back to you. I’ve been out of town over the Holidays. Hopefully Angela has already answered you, but in case she hasn’t – here goes.
    The instructional slides can be reached by clicking the link which will open up a power point slide show. I’ve put that direction in caps now to make it more obvious. It could still be a problem if you don’t have power point.

    Wow, Dragons Galore is such a great pattern and I’ll bet you wanted it time for Christmas (sob!). Since all 12 ft. are on the roll you are not limited to just 36.” Simply continue on as far as you need to quilt. It’s all one continuous line.
    When you start the second row, I would not start at the beginning again or else the same dragon will be right below itself. Instead, the easiest way is to slide the pattern down and start at the next 36″ panel which is indicated by the dashed line. This way you’ll vary the placement of the dragons. If the size of your quilt allows, you might slide the pattern even farther for the 3rd row. My friend Angela cuts the panels apart for a real “mix-up.” But I just slide it back and forth. I think it’s easier to keep it straight that way.

    I can see the 3″ thing has been confusing. As I said, the Easiest place to start the next row is at the next panel marking. But sometimes people want to side the pattern around to fit in a head or a tail. On the picture of the Dragons Galore pattern on the website, looking closely, you’ll see that the top panel reaches down “just to the line every 3 inches” and the lower panel reaches “just up to the line at the mid-point between the 3 inches.” This insures the stitching doesn’t over lap. In order to maintain that “meshing” feature, if you don’t want to start at the next panel, be sure to start into the pattern at multiples of 3″, like 6″, 9″ 12″ etc.

    I hope this helps. Call me if you’re still confused. LOL Judy

  3. I purchased the interlocking pantograph “Spiral Suns 11″ What do you mean by the 8.4” on moving the pattern? I’ve never purchased one before that I have to move the pattern. So I’m not sure what to do. Please help

  4. Carol- I believe that Judy has gotten in contact with you and hopefully everything is smooth sailing now! For anyone who has the same question as Carol, I have added a link to more detailed instructions on how to set up this pattern on your quilt when using the “It’s as easy as 1,2,3..” method to stagger your rows. The link is found at the bottom of the description box of the Spiral Suns pattern.

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