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Babyland Block - BLB - Collection of 12
Babyland Block - BLB - CloseupBabyland Block - BLB - CoverBabyland Block - BLB - Quilt Blue RagBabyland Block - BLB - Quilt Colored Rag

Babyland pdf 8″ Block Pattern


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Babyland includes 12 cute designs: Baby with keys, Baby with ball, Baby crawling, Baby with hammer, Baby playing with toes, Baby playing with feet, Baby with teddy bear, Baby with pacifier, Baby with bottle, Baby on quilt, Baby with rattle, Sleeping baby with bottle.

I made a quilt like this for my own grand daughter!

Enjoy these popular patterns in the new downloadable format.¬† You can’t print them in any size you want. ¬†Please do not “share” these copyrighted pictures.

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Babies & Children, Domestic Affairs


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