Fishy Business 6″ Border Pattern


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Fishy Business 6″ border pattern with accompanying sashing pattern

This pattern is 6″ wide with no repeats. It has 4 panels of 3′ each.

It includes a 3″ Seashell sashing or border pattern, as well as the following designs:

Angel Fish, Balloon Fish, Beta, Blue and Yellow Snapper, Clown Fish, Damsel Fish, Golden Long-Nosed Butterfly Fish, Grouper, Lump Fish, Puffer Fish, Starfish, White Spotted Trigger Fish, Crab, Sea Horse, Turtle, Octopus, Mussels, Sea Urchin, and Scallop.

I’m always pleasantly surprised when I find quilts in a show that are quilted with one of my patterns.   Here Patricia Barry uses Fishy Business Border in an eye-catching diagonal placement for her beautiful quilt Nautical Waves. (MQS 2009)

Patterns designed with smaller machines in mind: Portico Blooms 2 rows of 4.5″;  Seafoam4.5″ or Seafoam 2 rows of 4.5″;  Spinning Mums 2 rows of 3″;  Cactus Flower 2 rows of 5.5″;  Cherry Minuet 3 rows of 3″;  Int Poinsettia 2 rows of 6″;  El Dorado 2 rows of 4.5″;  Nature’s Rhythms 2.5″;  Jungle Foliage 6″;  Laguna de Cancun 5″;  Frothy Seas 2 rows of 4.5″; Little Patterns 3″; Ponderosa Pinecone 4.5″; Little Ferns 4″.

Borders designed to double as E2E pantos:   Interlocking Tulip Border 5.5″ (as an E2E);  Cat’s Meow 6″;  Knotty Pine 6″;  Ming Sea 6″ w clouds 4″;  Chinese Mums 4.5″;  Bamboo 5″ (from Panda Bamboo);  Americana Birds 6″;  Java Batik Bdr 5″; Fishy Business 6” Pictogram;  Safari 6” Pictogram;  Rainforest 6” Pictogram;  DownUnder 6″ Pictogram;  Jungle 6” Pictogram; In The Doghouse 6″ Pictogram .

Many are available as PDFs.

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