Portico Blooms 4 1/2″ Edge-to-Edge

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2 Rows of 4 inch stitching make this pattern perfect for short-arm or domestic machines.  Isn’t it great that 2 little rows make a big design?

Portico Blooms is a stylized flower found in Mayan textile decoration, Mayan hieroglyphs, and also as painted architectural décor on Aztec porches.

While we imagine bougainvillea spilling over the porch roofs in Central America, the ancient artisans painted these blooms along the pillars of these very porches and in their architectural murals. Although the design is hundreds of years old it complements bright modern piecing.

Patterns designed for smaller machines: Portico Blooms 2 rows of 4.5″;  Seafoam4.5″ or Seafoam 2 rows of 4.5″;  Spinning Mums 2 rows of 3″;  Cactus Flower 2 rows of 5.5″;  Cherry Minuet 3 rows of 3″;  Int Poinsettia 2 rows of 6″;  El Dorado 2 rows of 4.5″;  Nature’s Rhythms 2.5″;  Jungle Foliage 6″;  Laguna de Cancun 5″;  Frothy Seas 2 rows of 4.5″; Little Patterns 3″;   Ponderosa Pinecone 4.5″; Little Ferns 4″.

Borders designed to double as E2E pantos:   Interlocking Tulip Border 5.5″ (as an E2E);  Cat’s Meow 6″;  Knotty Pine 6″;  Ming Sea 6″ w clouds 4″;  Chinese Mums 4.5″;  Bamboo 5″ (from Panda Bamboo);  Americana Birds 6″;  Java Batik Bdr 5″; Fishy Business 6” Pictogram;  Safari 6” Pictogram;  Rainforest 6” Pictogram;  DownUnder 6″ Pictogram;  Jungle 6” Pictogram; In The Doghouse 6″ Pictogram .

Many are available as PDFs.

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1 review for Portico Blooms 4 1/2″ Edge-to-Edge

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    […] Portico Blooms 2 rows of 4.5″ […]

  2. Brenda Plaster

    A nice design that is quick to quilt. A good choice for those who like open, not too dense quilting. Very “clean” look.

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